Just a laugh!

A man walks into the doctor’s surgery with a banana stuck in one of his ears, an artichoke in the other ear, a parsnip up one of his nostrils and cucumber up his bottom. The man says, “Doctor, I feel terrible, look at me. What on earth is wrong”? The doctor examines him carefully, sits back in his chair and says, " Well, for starters you need to eat more sensibly."

Nice one

i’m having a good muffled (because i have an aubergine in my mouth) chuckle!!!

carole x

I thought I’d sneak it in before Stewart sees the bottom bit hehehe

Hiya, just the good joke that is funny, but most will groan, but will tell other it, Brian

Oh dear Brian!! Have I been naïve again. I thought it was a bit cheeky but nothing too bad… Is it?

Getting his five a day

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