Just watching Escape to the Country on BBC1.

Sheila and Tony are looking for a new home. They are 70 ish. Sheila`s had MS for some years, she says.

Shes still walking normally`…and appears able bodied.

But we dont know if this is a good day.

However, moving to a 2 storey house would be a nightmare for a lot of us now.

So let`s hear it for Sheila, eh?

Wheeeeeeyyyyy, go girl!


Hiya - I’m watching the same programme!

Yes Sheila is doing well both in her mobility and guessing the price of houses.

I wish I could get around like Sheila!


The programmes has just finished.

The mystery house was a top floor (3rd floor) flat.

It was in a building which resembled a french chateau, Alistair said!

Sheila said a flat and a lift were her worst nightmare.

But then she said she might not mind a flat afterall, as long as it was the top floor, as she couldnt bear the thought of people running about above her!

They`re still looking!

Yeh, eeyore, I would also like to be as mobile as Sheila!