Escape to the Country BBC now

On Escape to the Country at the moment is a couple moving to Devon from London. She has MS and they are talking about her needs in any house.

Nice budget to work with though!

just catching the last 10 minutes

c xx

Thanks. I’ll catch it on IPlayer.


i see people on tv and on the street and i think “he/she hs ms”.

sort of recognise the way they walk.

no. I don’t have any evidence.

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An “ataxic gait” (ie walking like a drunken sailor ) is, of course, very common symptom for people with MS but it is also a common symptom of other neurological conditions.

Like most of us on here though I would imagine, I am quite good at playing “spot the MS” on dramas etc because there is a common shorthand used by writers for how they present people with MS (difficulty walking, falling over and dropping glasses being the common ones) and MS is their “go-to disabling-but-not-fatal” neurological condition because most people have heard of it. It’s just a pity that diagnosis in real life isn’t so easy sad

it always used to make me laugh that in “House” (which I loved) they used to have fun with that scriptwriting convention with a running joke that whenever one of the less able baby doctors would suggest that the patient had MS the genius Dr House would always sneer at them saying “MS is BORING!” (The same with any suggested diagnosis of Lupus). There was only ever one diagnosis of MS in the whole series and that was a completely atypical patient who was suffering from hallucinations and delusions because of his MS.

Interesting stuff. I am a watcher of how other folk walk too.

You may know of my diagnosis route…from PPMS to HSP back to PPMS, then finally resting on HSP.

It is thought that many folk wrongly diagnosed could actually have Hughes syndrome, or HSP. We all walk with a funny gait.

But I dont walk at all now and havent for some time.

As I said, interesting!