mrs browns boys film (not ms)

hiya all

just wondered if anyone is going to see this? i am hoping to tomorrow. i am aware its not everybodys ‘cup of tea’ but it always makes me laugh!


It does look very funny, laughed threw the whole trailer, but will have to wait for the Bluray/DVD to watch on the tv since its hard to go to the movies (I want to see guardians of the galaxy really badly but will have to wait and see if what happens)

Ellie, l love Mrs Brown - Did you see him on Graham Norton show - he spoke about his mother who was a big influence on his life - she was a remarkable woman.

Have a wonderful holiday on Crete. l went about 42yrs ago. Travelled all over the island on a Lambretta - long before tourism became the main ‘industry’. l had a map of the island - and after a adventurous journey found l had travelled up a dried up river bed!Wondered why people working in the fields were waving [and laughing] at me. The accelerator cable broke - and l ‘limped’ to what looked like a place selling petrol. Explained to the little boy who was serving - that the cable was ‘kapput’ - and he made me follow him down these little cobbled lanes to his fathers house. He repaired the cable - and his wife and extended family invited us to join them for their special fiesta later that day. By then, the whole village new about the strange couple on scooters - we were wined and dined and joined in the dancing. And they would not accept a penny from us [or drachma]. On th north of the island they were building a new road - so we had to sit and wait whilst the digger cut a way through for us. Life was so simple then!! - before ms.

love Frances x

I be going, or getting the DVD. Makes me laugh out loud.

I love mrs browns boy hopefully will go after this relapse. X

hiya frances

mum has been there 21 yrs. ur tale reminded me of a time we went to a remote church. a shepherd appeared from nowhere! invited the 8 of us to join him for lunch which was pork n tatties cooked in a earthen ware thing in a hole in the ground! he gave us juice for kids and beer/raki/wine for us. it was amazing. he wouldnt accept a penny towards it. a total stranger but thats the way of the real, genuine greeks. they may have very little but they do share what they do have. its politicians that have ruined the country…

pictures tomorrow will involve me and powerchair and a dollop of determinedness faula!

ellie x

val and violet

if i manage to get there i will tell you how many pads i go though!

The greeks sound lovely ppl. Never done any the Greek isles. Doing Cyprus this year. Really looking forward to it as first time. I hear they are good ppl too. X

Have a great time Ellie. Your determination is amazing


nero is water

efaristo is thank you

afto-say this and point! it means this!

all the words u need lol

enjoy ur hol.

emma-am taking my youngest 2-they love it!

ellie x

I want to see this film too. Knowing my luck it will be on the top floor of my local cinema. It may require a bit of exertion to see it but I will do my best. Failing that, I am sure my son will add it to his DVD collection so I will just have to borrow it …

Tracey xx

Can’t wait to see it! Probably not cinema though as grumpy-pants husband doesn’t ‘do’ cinemas and no friends watch it. Do let us know xx


well i went! 1/2 hr bus journey-yukky when got off as usual so went to coffee shop and got myself gathered together. film brill! went through 2 pads lol!