has anyone seen sunshine on leith?

i’m going to have to see it just for the proclaimers song if nothing else.

so next week i’ll be going on wednesday

will let you know what its like

carole x

Hi Carole,

Heard it’s really good - if you like the Proclaimers - just looked up film times myself, hope to go next week. Orange Wednesday too.


Look forward to hearing your comments Carole. I so miss the cinema but can’t sit long enough to see a film all the way through. Will just have to contain myself til I can watch it at home. Would love to see Philomena too.


i go on orange wednesdays too!

carole x

Hi, me and 2 carers often go the flicks!

In Halifax, there is a new 9 screen cinema, set in a complex called Plaza.

We`ve seen;





Les Mis

and lots of others.

Last Friday we went to see Captain Phillips…a true account of a container ship being taken by pirates. it was very good. BUT in screens 1 - 4, there are upstairs places for wheelies, then 5 - 9 screens only have wheelie places in the front of the screen. The screens are so big and high, that looking up at the film, means I get a sore neck.

Not long after the film had started and the massive ship was underway, the motion and closeness to the screen, made us feel like we were at the IMAX cinema. My sis turned to me and said, I cant watch it. Im gonna be sick! Then off she ran to the loo and threw up!

I thought we were going to have to leave, but no, she sat behind me and managed to enjoy the film better there. So I was Billy No-mates!


i have just been to see sunshine on leith.

it was a real feel good film.

my friend enjoyed it too.

i was frozen but once the film started i started a hot flush!

just as the end credits started i had a very urgent need for the loo.

getting taking short just keeps getting shorter and shorter!

carole x