Just watched a good film… Ordinary People…The underlying theme was learning to forgive yourself for summat you either didn’t do, nor couldn’t stop happening.

This had me thinking about us lot here.,…How some of us sometimes give ourselves are hard time for having MS or whatever! We really should let those feelings go take a hike!

There was a poster here recently who felt he’d let himself get MS. Several of us told him that couldn’t happen, but he didn’t let himself get rid of the unnecessary guilt.

And wasting precious mental energy hankering after the days before disability set in, is exactly that…A WASTE!!!

Just thought I’d share that with you.

What’s the next film?


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Thanks Polls this sounds a good film and good advice.

I too in a way blame myself for the MS but I’m learning self compassion and to let go of ‘if I did this and didn’t do that’ I may not be in the position I am today. What ever happened to me moving on is key and I will find ways to cope with this new me. Negative thoughts I imagine are wearing on the mind and body and I can’t turn back the clock anyway. xx

hi poll

i read about this film and it sounds brilliant.

as you know my eldest son jack had mental health problems last christmas.

he is still struggling somewhat to get back to normal.

my friend, sheenagh’s son was born at the same time as jack.

he has had mental health problems throughout his teens.

jack and he are 29 now.

patrick has lent me a book which has really opened my eyes to what it is like to have mental health issues.

i wish i’d read it before jack was ill.

it is called reasons to stay alive and is by matt haig.

how did i get to my age without understanding what so many people are going through?

carole x

Ooh Poll I was only talking about that film! I mentioned it in a recent thread after xmas. One of my golden oldies. :slight_smile: