Stephen Hawking

Hi all, hope your all ok.

I went to see The theory of everything yesterday with my daughter. It is a great film and captured the thoughts and feelings of professor Stephen Hawking very well. I know he doesn’t have MS but alot of his problems especially at the beginning of his disease is very similar.

I had very mixed feelings while i watched it, first when he fell over, drop feet, walking with 1 then 2 sticks ect made me feel sad as i can relate to these things but as the film continued, i felt that inspite of all that was thrown at him, he puts a smile on his face and gets on with it. This has inspired me to atleast try and just get on with all that is thrown at me, i know i will have dark moments but i also know that i have love and support from family and friends and i can get through it.

Lisa x

Looking forward to seeing it, he has always been a hero of mine and also I lost a grandmother to MND. Shall definitely go soon.

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Hi Val, yes you will enjoy it but do take some tissues with you, i forgot to and my daughter ended up going to the loo’s and getting some toilet roll for us both.

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i said i wanted to see it and my husband said he did too.

however every time i suggest going he has a reason not to.

so next week i’m going on my own if he doesnt want to.

seeing a clip when he fell flat on his face really hit me hard.

he’s such a good sport too, having parts in the simpsons and the big bang theory.

carole x

Going to see it next week. Glad you enjoyed it.


I saw this film on Tuesday-it was excellent. I could relate to him getting his diagnosis at such a young age and his emotions portrayed by Eddie Redmayne who is fab. It was very inspiring and was basically a love story with the obstacle of MND and how his wife coped too. I recommend it and hope it gets lots of awards.


cannot wait to see this!!