3D Movies

Just curious… Has anyone else been to 3D films at the cinema and noticed that it worsens any of their MS symptoms? This has happened to me three times in recent months and makes me want to shut my eyes despite not being tired and the twitching in my legs becoming worse. When the film is finished everything is fine again, well as fine as it can be! The shutting eyes thing was not because it was my boyfriend’s turns to choose the film by the way :wink: Claire xxx


i tried to watch once-nausea was horrendous! i just felt so disorientated and yukky…havent managed to get to pics since-even for ordinary film so i dunno if the feeling is still as bad…

ellie x

I don’t know whether it’s anything to do with my MS necessarily, but watching in 3D just makes me feel sick and peculiar. Maybe I’m just not used to it but at this rate I never will be!!

I think perhaps I will survive this life without it.


Cheers girls! Was a strange feeling and I’ve never had it at 3D in years gone by. Wasn’t sure if the ol’ brain was becoming over stimulated and couldn’t handle it! xxx

maybe its sensory overload which is a ms symptom!

i get it when loads of children are running about in front of me. i dont let it show cos i wouldnt want them to think i was the child catcher!

carole x

Hi Claire,

Yes - I’ve only ever been to one, but it was when I was still in a relapse.

I felt quite sick!

I have a feeling that if I tried again now, it might be fine - I was probably pushing myself to do something I wasn’t quite ready for. But ever since I did it and felt rough, I haven’t been keen to try another one.



When 3D movies were introduced a few years ago, there were quite widepread reports of many viewers (not just people with MS) becoming nauseus as a result. I believe it was something to do with how the eye interpreted the information (…but I’d be happy to be corrected)

I gather 3D technology has developed since then, but there are still people reporting that this kind of movie makes them feel phusically sick !! Presumably not quite as many people get adversely affected these days, but - pureIy from a personal standpoint - the technology simply doesn’t appeal to me.

I’ll stick to 2D viewing, and keep 3D for the real world, thanks!!


Went yesterday to see 3D movie and was fine.


I don’t about worsening symptoms, but it definitely tires me out more. I never go to 3D now though - partly because it’s exhausting, and partly it’s never worth the extra cost. I’ve never really thought the 3D really enhanced a film, so I’m happy to save my pennies and energy by going to 2D.


Its a known fact that 3D movies or games can cause motion sickness, so I suppose with MS if you are prone to vertigo it could trigger this off.

I get vertigo and cannot watch 3D no way it makes me want to vomit. I only saw about 3 seconds of a film my grand children were watching and had to clutch onto the chair.

Perhaps these films should come with a warning which includes may effect people with neurolgoical disorders.

The motion sickness happens when frame rate as well as flicker rate is low even a 100 hrz TV will give you issues, each film layer left/right is split into 50hrz x 2

You won’t get the issue on a high end Sony 200 hrz TV though it still take a while to get use to the 3D as its still not true 3D more like carboard cutouts at different distances, with a wrap around backdrop.

At the Cinema they still use cheapo tech glasses, also if you have a lazy eye/stigmatism will also give you issues.

Glasses free 3D TV are now out but at £7k and they still have issues, I’m waiting 10 years then your get one for £500 and when that happens hopefully the bugs with stem cells will have been ironed out and a real immune re program will be out.

Cheers everyone! Think normal films are the way to go for me henceforth! xxx