(Not MS) Is it a good idea to create videos like that?

Hi everyone,

I’m a 3D graphics hobbyist and I have MS. I just decided to use my design and animation abilities to share my experience about MS. This way, A) practice a hobby B) Help other people C) weak possibility of earning extra money if google approved it.

But I’m not a doctor so I might say inaccurate info while sharing my story. That’s why I’m hesitant whether or not I should speak about MS during making my graphic videos. This is my first video and I uploaded it today. It took months to make o_O. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. What’s your feedback? Is it a good think? Should I stop doing this? What do you think.



Thank you so much,

Hi Michael,

it was interesting to watch your video, I did learn some stuff and find this easier to take in than the same info as a block of text.

You are smart to highlight that this is describing your experience and might be completely different for others. Because you are describing your own experience there is some kind of credibility but you (in my opinion) should make it absolutely clear that each persons experience could be different. You do not want to be quoted in any court case following different outcomes. I would (if I could) use more info graphics (pictures/images) to illustrate certain points in the text. I would also include somewhere with the printed names of the drugs you mention, so that follow up searches can be made.

Different sites and forums have different demographic groups, some might prefer text while others will prefer animations.

It could be useful if you tried the same on the Shift.ms website who do a lot more with video output, they might also help with experience in sending the best messages.

Overall I am impressed,it works ok for me.

Good luck


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Thank you so much for your feedback. You gave me good points and I’ll follow them in the upcoming videos. I’ll also state in the description of this video that each persons experience is different. God bless you, Wish you good health.

It might be a good idea to have a disclaimer pop up through out the video.

Also perhaps mention that you are not endorsing any drugs ect.

Personally I’d be careful how you mention any medication that you’ve been prescribed or tried as you don’t want it to come across as something you are advising or recommending to take.