The Theory of Everything

Has anyone seen the new Stephen Hawking film? I saw it yesterday. Absolutely marvellous! What a brilliant mind he has. I have always wondered how come he is still alive, so long after a motor neurone diagnosis?

Turns out he has atypical MND.

Eddie Redmayne, who plays Stephen does superb job and deserves those award nominations.

I did shed a few tears, as I recalled initial symptoms of my own, as he battled mobility issues.

Yeh, go see the film for yourselves guys!


I saw it on Monday and shed tears almost all the way through it! I know MND is different from MS but as you say it was still the same emotions as strange things start to happen.

I’m really glad I saw it but I recommend you take a load of tissues with you!

Sarah x


ok-i will!


i would love to see it, how long does it last

It was just over 2 hours.

Hi all,

I saw it last weekend with my 20 year old daughter and a group of friends and their children.

Fantastic film and Eddie Redmayne was amazing, he deserves an Oscar for his performance.

Strangely I didn’t cry even though I saw some of the similarities between my initial MS symptoms and his, it was hard to watch his deterioration. On the plus side I knew he didn’t die!

As I was watching I started to wonder what my friends were thinking and hoped they weren’t upset as I was watching it.

Went for a meal after and discussed it. He’s been married 3 times, which is lovely.

Go and see it, a film that you will think about for a very long time.

Jen xx

ah well , will have to wait until it comes out on dvd as i can sit for 2 hours , thanks for getting back

l thought with Motor Neurone disease - life expectancy was very short. l had a couple of friends who died of it - only 2yrs after diagnosis. There must be different types of MND.

lt sounds like a really good film. l did read that Stephen was very happy with the way he is portrayed. Now who would any of you like to be YOU - if a film was made of your life?

l would like Meryl Streep. [ or Julie Walters - as l have often done the ‘two soups’ for a laugh - as l walk very much like that character. Not the Nora Batty stockings though.]

Eddie the Eagle,no Eddie Izzard,but dunno if he’d do it when the title’ll be,‘Half man half wheelbarrow’.


It would have to be someone as daft as me!

I’ve just been to see this film. Just amazing. I lost a grandmother to MND and found it very moving to see her symptoms portrayed.

But what an incredible man… I would read that book if I thought there was any chance I’d understand it!

Take tissues if you go!



i am going to see annie today at wee local cinema and will be asking when they plan to show this-thanks for the heads up pol.

ellie x

How’s this for irony?


How’s this for irony?

[/quote] yeh, as you say, how ironic! Incredible in this day and age!


i finally went on my own this afternoon.

matinee shows are mainly pensioners and, of course, me!!

i had 3 small steps to the front row of the block were my seat was.

my pesky bladder starting to call to me in a most urgent tone of voice so i got up and wobbled down the steps, feeling most unsafe.

it was strange to watch someone fall flat on his face as i have done so many times.

eddie redmayne was fab and the way he had his feet turned out was much like a few ms friends do.

i was glad that my husband didnt come with me because i felt that it was personal to me.

hey but i didnt cry although i had plenty of tissues!

carole x

saw it yest poll-brill film!

ellie x