i have just been to see pride at the cinema.

what a brilliant film.

if you were around in the 80’s and remember the miners strike, if you are a bit to the left politically, you will enjoy it.

my friend even cried at the end!! (it wasnt a weepie but she got emotional)

carole x

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hi jen

i remember all the films i watched with my boys.

just after my mum died i watched “the land before time” about a dinosaur whose mummy died. oh heck i cried my eyes out.

so much so that 3 year old jack gave me a hug and told me ever so seriously that it was only pretend.

so i cried some more.

the first grown up film i watched with them when they were 10 and 11 yrs old was Men in Black.

will smith is quite cool!

carole x

Hi carole

I can remember watching the film Beaches,with Bette Midler in the nineties,when my two children were in their teens. I was the first to start crying, then my two children. We ended up laughing and crying at the same time must watch that film again, one day.

The pride film, sounds like one me and my husband will enjoy watching. I don’t remember the strike but my husband was a branch secretary in the union at the time and collected food parcels for villiages near Wakefield and Barnsley. He still talks about those days.

Noreen x

PS: I should really have said, of course I remember the strike it just didn’t impinge directly on my life.


Aww, lovely Jen, ((((((hugs)))))) for you xx

one of my favourite films was 'BRASSED OFF ’ about the miners strike,so i will like Pride dont go to the pictures any more so will have to get it on dvd when it comes out.

J x

I’m glad you enjoyed the film and yes; I do remember the minor’s strike Carole, although at the time it was thought a good thing to end the power of the unions, we certainly could do with them these days to help those struggling on no hours contracts and generally being exploited.

I look forward to the film coming out on video.

Wendy x