brilliant film

been to see bohemian rhapsody and wow!!!

it was wonderful from the start but the highlight was when they played Live Aid - i wanted to clap!

fortunately restrained myself and retained some decorum.

so many memories of live aid, not least that i was newly graduated from uni and newly married too.

we are the champions my friends!!


cant wait to see it…I love Queen and ‘Live aid’ it still gives me goosebumps when i play it on youtube.I would have loved to have been there on the day.

Oh yeah, seen it as well!! ABSOLUTELY GO!!!

yes go if you possibly can! went straight into my top ten films of all time.

Not seen it yet but been absolulely stunned by the Peter Jackson colourisation of WW1 film put together as ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ I think still viewable on IPlayer if anybody missed it

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We’ve just watched “They Shall Not Grow Old” as well… rather well done, I thought,but then I’d expect no less from Peter Jackson. Very moving. But then WWI always gets me like that. Family legend; my grandad caught the fever and went to join up, and tried to persuade the recruiting sergeant that he was old enough… but the recruiting sergeant wasn’t fooled for a minute and told him to “f*** off back to your mother, son!”. He was 13 coming up 14 at the time…:slight_smile:

That is a class watch and should have so many awards but will probably get none

I hate to be the one to say this but I don’t think it’s right to hijack someone else’s post with something else… Just my opinion

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sometimes its done without thinking though. I know I can be guilty of it at times.

Me and Jayne went to see it last saturday,both loved it.Weatherspoons then this for our first “date night” since she got MS.