Thought I had to share this...

I’m 56 now, - how old were you? It was released on 13 December 1977

Add nostalgia to your list of symptoms.

Good though?

-Just starting out with lots of hope for the future - then politics changed all that and not for the better!

Its good to remember though. Wonder what our children will remember?



I was 12 when it came out, and the film made me want to be brilliant at Disco-Dancing so that girls would be breaking their necks to get near me …not that I’d have known what to do with them. Not sure I’ve figured that one out today?!!

You are damned right! At least we don’t live in a ‘third world country’ - or do we? I can’t tell. I’ve got MS you know!

Marcus. x.

Hi, ‘liamsquash’,

Try to stay ‘cool’ and my ‘daughter’ saw your ‘logo’ and she said that she goes to school with a Charlie Brown (a young girl) and at 9 years old - Charlie Brown is one of her favourite cartoons - so you’ve done well, thanks!


anyone got john bishops dvd? brill if u like ‘staying alive’

ellie x

I’ll try it out, thanks. x.

Great stuff…I was 17 then.

I was 8 and yes I liked it then