Finally going for a MRI Scan, been off work with symptoms which I dont understand. Nothing been diagnoised. Been suffering from fatigue, weakness, numbness, loss of memory and a load of other horrid things.

My health has really changed this past 9mths, and I cannot do easy tasks that have been second nature to me.

Just want to find answers to my quetions, and get better.


Well good luck Jan hope everything works out for the best and you get all the answers you are looking for. I have had 4 MRI scans now and coped well with them all according to the nurses.

Thanks Jon, Will keep u up to date…Just a long wait.


Good luck Jan, and thank you for replying to my post. x

The long road to dx leaving you in limbo for so many months or even years is a terrible place to be.

Being off work and worrying about the financial implications seems to compound it all into one long mess.

Your scan means you are a bit futher down the road at least,but please remember dont pin all your hopes on firm dx when you get to discuss your results,as there is often a wait and see if anything else happens.

Have you looked at the ms society publications on managing your fatigue and memory loss?

take care


Hi Jan, I know love. It is just so horrible dealing with things we don`t understand. Our lives have changed and we need to know why.

I`ve been waiting for a diagnosis for 14 yrs. Neuros keep changing their minds.

I hope you don`t have to wait too long.

Look after yourself.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, Just had my MRI…OMG it was LOUD, i cud hardly hear the 80’s cd they played for me!! LOL.I wont hold my breathe for comfirmed dx, however I hope I am on the right road!!!

Being off work, and worring about money is awful, but I do have a lovely husband, and great support from family, and friends.

Love and best wishes to u all.

Jan x