Mri letter.Bit Scared

Just received a letter from hospital that i have to go for an MRI in june.why then?Someone told me it could be to check for progression.Im scared,il be 4 years dx then.Is she right or could it be something else

It’s good to keep an eye on things and use it as a benchmark for how the condition is continuing. They don’t know what they are going to find until the do one, so don’t worry.

They won’t show anything that you don’t already have!

Don’t worry about things that you cannot control. It’s like worrying about a bus that hasn’t arrived yet. You can panic and think 'I’m going to be late, oh no! What will I do, what can I say?" But the bus will arrive exactly when it arrives; at a point in the future. The bus doesn’t come any sooner if you worry or if you listen to music and bob your head while you wait.

Drop the things you cannot control and leave them to be. Concentrate on what you can do and control.

The likelihood is they just want to see what’s going on from 4 years ago. Nothing more, nothing less.

All the best,


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Thanks db9355,you are right,there is nothing i can do.Ive been stable the last 3years which makes me happy but hearing bad news now wouldnt be good.I feel good,best in 2years so hope it stays that way for a bit.I suppose il just have to live on.Cheers J

Hi jimmy

No one is forcing you to have an MRI scan…totally your decision. Just thought I would point that out

Is there some particular reason why one has been arranged? If you are unsure, ring the MRI department and ask or the neuro secretary. It is your body you know

Take care xx

No worries. My neuro arranges a yearly MRI for me to check progression. It’s a good thing, some aren’t lucky enough to get it checked…

Lesions come and they (eventually) can go. with a stability in your condition and over such a prolonged stretch of time, it is highly possible that your MRI will be clearer than it ever was before. Indulge in some optimism.

With there being so much not possible to know with MS, is it not nice to at least have some info?

Thanks paolo;i ask too many questions in my 10mins with neuro.Im optimistic always i hope for no more lesions(little chance of that).Hope you are right,its good to know what is happening i suppose. Thanks J

Blossom,i met my neuro 2weeks ago and he suggested an mri before i see him again in july.Im going to do and see if Gilenya working for me and if not it will be gilenya.Im more at ease now from the other comments.Hate MRI’s though. Thanks J

It makes sense if they have explained they want to review the effectiveness of your treatment.

But I must say, if I got an MRI appointment out of the blue, without anyone explaining why, I’d be inclined not to have it. I have absolutely no interest in seeing or knowing “the progression” unless some important decision hinges on it - which it evidently does, in your case.

I’m not interested in having routine checks, just to count new lesions. I know they’re not strongly correlated with disability anyway. I’m quite positive there would be some, but I’d actually find it pretty morbid to keep counting, “just for the record”.

Different if it’s in support of a clinical decision.

Hopefully it will be good news for you.


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Fair enough jimmy

For me personally, hell will freeze over before I have another scan. I only ever went to neuro in the first place with migraine/headaches.

If you are feeling good like you say, then hopefully there won’t be much changes.

Good luck xx

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Of course, I should add I’m primary progressive and not on DMDs

Anitra,i had a bad relapse in august but my neuro was on holidays and the replacement neuro said i should have an mri.i met my neuro 2weeks ago and he said he’d book me in for mri in june,didnt say why.I passed all his neuro exams except for spasticity which he gave me extra baclofen for.I also have no interested in seeing “progression” either.I just hope its just to see that Gilenya is working or not.Ive had a bad relapse every year but recovered fairly well everytime.If i need to change DMD so be it.

I’m guessing that none of the people who talk about MRI scans after diagnosis are patients at Walton Neuro in Liverpool.I’ve never has an NHS MRI scan,having paid for two during diagnosis 14 years ago to save waiting months.I’ll be 19 months between appointments when I get my ‘13 minutes of fame’ in july Walton’s theory is that MRI is only useful during diagnosis.Obviously not that they have so many patients that they couldn’t possibly scan even a small percentage of them.

There are some good replies to the original question.


Woblyboy,im a private patient and i was going to change neuro’s 2years ago but hes looking after me now,i get an mri if i have a relapse because ive had them severe,so ive changed from copaxone to gilenya in 3years.Im glad hes proactive.I suppose every place and hospital is different.Paying for private might be making a difference for me and that im in getting IV steroids every year. J