Hi everyone

I’m a new bee to on line life. Primary progressive 19yrs. Am amazed the community here.

dont feel alone x

no we are never alone on here.

welcome and look forward to seeing you again.

carole x

Hello Baby Jane (we wondered whatever happened to you!)

Welcome to the forum. You’re never alone while you have this community.

We try to support each other, help through the trials and tribulations of MS and just everyday life really. And at times get very silly too.



Hello baby Jane… I’m new too, only diagnosed just over a week ago. You will find really good information on here, I know I have. Karen

Hi all had a MRI scan on 10th October the results went by to my GP but she is unable to read them, waiting on my neuro review appointment but advised it can take several months, my symptons are getting alot worst, dizzinness, numbness in my left arm, pain in my right leg, blurred vision, extreme fatigue,muscle spasms and face pain, I rang the hospital and they sent me out a letter to say i have several white matter spots on both cerebral hemispheres but no lesions typical of MS,any ideas what this means and where do i go from here,cant get to answers anywhere.


Why not ask your GP to re-refer you, but mark it ‘Urgent’? It sounds like you need to get face to face with a neurologist to see what your MRI results, and your symptoms actually mean, and where you go from here.


Sue I have asked my GP to try and push it forward she said she cant its up to the neurologist to send me my review appointment, Im now being sent for a sleep apnea test which i feel is a waste of time and money.Is it just a neuroligist that can read an MRI?

Yes, I’m afraid only a neurologist can read an MRI.

Why not try phoning the neurologists secretary (assuming you know the neurologists name, otherwise just ask for the neurology secretary) and explaining what has happened? You could see if they have any way of asking the neurologist to push it forward. If they can’t, try the appointments team. A bit of sweet talking to the secretarial / admin officers can work wonders.

I do hope your appointment isn’t really going to be months and months away.

Best of luck with it Cathy


Hi Baby Jane,

Sorry about your diagnosis but glad you’ve found this site. A wealth of knowledge and advice.

My top tip, keep a diary of all your symptoms, how long they last, any appointments and their outcome. Any medication/ vitamins etc. A useful record.

Hope you have an MS nurse, they can be very supportive.

Keep well,


Hi, you are not alone