MRI with dye

Hi all,

following my dx in dec I have had a bad spell of new symptoms and relapses. I was referred back to my consultant and have seen him today. He has requested a new MRI this time with contrast. He said it can give some indication about how active the lesions are? Just wanted some info on how/where the dye is injected and exactly what it shows. I totally didn’t ask many questions as he was running late and I wod rather hear from those who had one, as opposed to Dr Google :slight_smile:

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Hey Star

The dye would normally be given through an intravenous cannula in a vein. In the past mine has been in the arm. The scan would usually take approx. 20-30 minutes. The contrast dye just makes it easier for the radiologist and neuro to see the soft tissue and any activity.

The scanner is enclosed and really quite noisy. They may have some headphones and a radio station tuned in to help pass the time.

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Hi Star

Im on a drugs trial that you have an MRI with dye every six months

they give you the dye through intravenous drip

i have mine in a vein in my arm


I’ve recently had one, it wasn’t at all painful, just very noisy, they gave me headphones which did help some.

Wendy x

Thanks all. I’ve had an MRI before, I was just confused how they get the dye to work. I was having horrid thoughts of an injection in the neck, so you’ve put my mind at rest :slight_smile:

Let’s hope it provides some insight into what is going on!

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Not to worry it’s really very easy, had one about 6 weeks ago and they just injected it into my arm during the MRI. As Corkie and Spoogle said, it lasts about 30 mins or so but they give you earphones with the radio on! I just imagined I was on a hot beach in the Caribbean and the time soon passed (though it is very noisy!) stacey x

Hi Star

I am due to have an MRI with contrast in September. I have not had an MRI since last August and my neuro wants me to have one to compare the scans. Just so you know this and it doesn’t get overlooked,as it did in my case, to enable me to have the MRI, I needed to have a FGFR - Renal blood test, ths is to test your kidney function and fo them to be on the safe side. My neuro’s sec forgot to book me in for the blood test which has resulted in my scan being delayed.

All the best

Oooh thanks! I wouldn’t have known that! Phew, the injection doesn’t sound horrendous :slight_smile:

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