MRI with contrast question

Hi everyone I had an MRI back in November but my new neuro wants me to have one with contrast on Monday night. I just wondered whether there are any effects from the contrast dye? Probably sounds daft but I just wanted to check that I’ll be OK to drive the 40 miles home afterwards. Cheers

I agreed to take part in a study which meant 5 MRI a year for 3 years all with contrast dye, personally it had no effect on me, just dont want to see a scanner for a long time,if ever, just having to play dead` for 45 mins at a time. Good luck with the scan.


I had it, no effects at all. I was 2 hours in the MRI scanner in one go as they did both with and then without contrast, full head and spine! I am in no rush for another one either, lol. I fell asleep at one point!

Thank you both for your replies, really helpful. Good for you Rick, I’m not sure I could have been so accomodating as to take part in a study that involves that many MRIs! Last time I panicked for the first 30 mins or so, wore myself out and fell asleep. Hoping after a long day at work that I’ll skip straight to the sleeping stage this time! Thanks again


To echo what the others have said, I’ve had three MRIs with dye and have felt fine afterwards. I actually really like having the scans, and that’s despite the fact I can get a bit claustrophobic. I find them oddly relaxing, despite the sound of the scans. The brightness of being in the scanner, combined with the gentle breeze I always feel wafting over my head, just makes me feel really peaceful, and I often start to fall asleep. I always take along a CD to give to them too, so I can listen to it through the headphones.

Hope it goes well


I’m glad it’s not just me lol, I kept drifting off through the spinal one. The head one was too bloomin’ loud, different day and better music playlist but I couldn’t hear the music!

I did have dye and a muscle relaxant for a small intestine MRI (I had to drink stuff that cleaned the intestine too, so I was terrified of going into the scanner!). Needless to say, apart from a feeling a little dopey from the muscle relaxants for a short while after, I was fine - tho a tad freaked out when the dye passed through! lol

Sonia x

I had no problems at all with contrast last year, so you should be fine to drive. Just dont rest your hands/arms on tummy (as I did) - they kept telling me to stop moving. Unless I stopped breathing I couldn’t have been stiller!! But rise and fall of breathing caused blurred neck pictures. I was due to have another MRI with contrast last week, but when I got there they said “the dr’s here will decide whether you need it or not”. I never needed it - I assume they could see all they needed to without contrast. I have a feeling that is NOT a good sign!