MRI with contrast dye

I’ll be having an MRI soon with contrast dye and wondering if it hurts when the dye goes in please? I had an MRI without dye 5yrs ago and it was fine. My sister had an MRI with dye last year and said when the needle and dye went in it was like 1000 bee stings. I’m hoping she was just being over dramatic though! Everyone’s experiences are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve not found it to hurt. A bit of a cold sensation maybe, but that’s all.

Karen x

I’m with Karen. It didn’t hurt any more than a conventional injection or blood-test - probably less than some I’ve had, which weren’t administered that well.

It did feel strangely icy, though.

The doctor that did mine was a total wind-up merchant, and said: “Tell me if you feel an excruciating plain, OK?” Luckily, he WAS just kidding!



I had it and didn’t even realise they had put it in as I was still in the scanner so couldn’t see anything, :slight_smile:


Ive had that done too, and it was no problem didnt hurt at all, as the others have said, a wee bit of a cold sensation as it’s injected into your vein, that’s all.

A nurse will give the injection, and a doctor will be present in the unit not hanging over her, just there and available incase needed, you’ll be fine



oh forgot to say, when you see your scan results, any active lesions will glow bright with the contrast, and inactive ones remain a duller shade, it’s worth getting done, I was prescribed my DMDs once my neuro had reviewed my with contrast scan and saw the level of current activity…



That’s great thank you for all your replies. Glad it isn’t as bad as I was thinking. The image it creates sounds good, wonder if I’ll be allowed a copy of the results

Im pants with needles but I was fine, didnt think it hurt at all. Lead down whilst they put the cannula etc in as otherwise I prob would have fainted but other than that it was fine. Had that scan done twice now. X

You can get a copy of your MRI scans on disc - you just need to ask. Most hospitals make a charge to cover the cost of the software licence and an admin fee - about £20 or thereabouts.


No it does not hurt at my last MRI I had contrast what it does it will light up new lesions if they are 6 weeks or youger out will only light up in the brain i have lesions in my spinal cord but my neurologist could not tell me how old they are as contrast does not work on the spinal cord so dont worry about it hurting, it does not hurt at all.

Al x

Wow I didn’t know you could get a copy… I’m hoping at my next app he will request an MRI again and hopefully DMDs so I would like to have copies especially as he has maintained I’ve only a few lesions and very little progress since 2004 diagnosis. I question that now with this daft leg of mine? X

Ooh and he made that statement in early 2011 from my last MRI. X

Thanks for your replies, more evidence it doesn’t hurt :slight_smile: Yeah will ask for a copy of results. Forgot to do that for my 2008 one but asked MS nurse in 2011 who said I couldn’t have them as there was a fire at the place they were kept :frowning: she did however show me some of my images on her computer and I took photos of the screen with my iPod! Better than nothing hey :slight_smile:

It’s when the nurse says, “Oh dear not a vein in sight” then rubs her hands relishing the challenge! I laughed knowing it wouldn’t hurt. It didn’t, but i felt like a victim in an episode of Doctor Who in that machine!