I'm really worried about my MRI next week

Hello all, I’m hoping some of you may be able to share your experiences. I’ve had 3 relapses over the last 12 months whilst on Copaxone, the last one left me completely numb from the waist down to my toes for six weeks but I’m now thankfully almost back to full fitness. The Neuro and my MS nurse are pushing me towards Tysabri and I’ve got a head MRI scan booked in for Monday with contrast dye. I’ve read a few horror stories about adverse reactions to the contrast dye and now feel like cancelling the scan. I’m also really frightened about the PML risk but just keep getting the answer don’t worry it’s really rare. I’ve just got myself into a right old state - has anyone had a contrast MRI? Was it ok?

Hi I shouldn’t worry about your MRI I have had three with the contrast and they have all been fine no different to one without. It did feel a little strange when it was injected but that was all. Having the contrast showed I had more tha one lesion that hhelped with my diagnosis. Take care

Hi monkeymagic - I too have had contrast dye a couple of times - didn’t have any adverse reaction to it (and believe me that’s something as I have reactions to everything it seems!) the only thing I felt was a cold arm for a few seconds when the dye went in and that’s it. Honestly please try not to worry it really was painless and was over with reasonably quickly. It’s worth pointing out that what they normally seem to do is to do the brain MRI for the first 15/20 minutes normal and then they come back into the room inject the dye and then carry on the MRI for a further 10 minutes or so. It’s over with before you know it and nothing to worry about. Xx


I’ve had a few MRIs with the dye and never had any problems - to be honest, I’m surprised to hear that some people have had bad experiences with it, as I’ve never heard anything like that before.

As for PML, no one can make that choice for you. It’s something you just have to weigh up for yourself and decide whether or not to go for it. One option is just that you go on it for a bit, but then stop. The risks increase slightly when you’ve been on it for over 2 years, so you could decide to go on it for just 2 years and then stop. That’s what I decided to do, but then I chose to carry on with it as I think it’s helped me (it’s 3 & a half years now for me!)

Hope you have fun getting scanned (I really enjoy having MRIs!), and that you come to a decision that you feel peaceful & happy with about Tysabri.


I had no problems at all with the contrast MRI. :slight_smile: