MRI with Contrast

Hi everyone, I hope you are as well as can be and all that,

I am to have an MRI with Contrast and wondered if anyone has any experience of this, thank you for any replies.

Wendy x

I was meant to have mine with contrast but was still enough they didnt need to x

I’ve had a few MRI with contrast, normally when I’ve went they have scanned me first, got some images then towards the end of the scan they then inject a small amount of the contrast dye into my arm. They normally prep you before so during it all they need to do is insert the dye. More images are taken, the contrast is used as it allows then to see if anything active is going on at the of the scan. Hope this info helps Polly x

Hi Wendy

Expect to be in the hospital a bit longer as it took at least half hour to get round my system.

Take a book and extra cash for the car park

Debs xxx

Hi Wendy, I had my last MRI of brain and full spine with contrast in Feb this year. The contrast just feels a bit cold when it goes in your arm thats all. The radiographer will have a nurse or doctor with them when this is being done, so you can always ask questions if needed. That was my third MRI scan and I fell asleep in the end. I do a breathing technique to help me relax in the scanner and think of a time and place in my life when I was happy and picture that in my mind and make a storey of it. xx

Hi Wendy I’ve had a couple to date, my last one being in April. My experience is similar to others who’ve replied. It was quite relaxing & the contrast bit doesn’t hurt - just feels a bit chilly, like Helebon said. I didn’t feel any different from having the dye injected. Def bra off as metal clasps will interfere, and nice pants on as the gown is one of those which doesn’t fasten at the back! The contrast highlighted activity in lesions Good Luck Jane x

Like someone else said further up, the point of the ‘contrast’ bit is that it shows active inflammation, i.e. stuff that happening at the moment, as opposed to old stuff.

Thank you so much everyone for your informative replies, I didn’t receive any emails to say I had your messages, is this something new? I haven’t been on here for a while so perhaps I need to send a message to the technical bods.

Thanks again you wonderful people

Love Wendy x