Mri with contrast

Hi all, on Saturday I had an MRI. As I lay there listening and randomly counting the beeps I was suddenly aware I was being woken up!!! How on earth did I manage that? I struggle with sleeping at the best of times! The next day I still felt tired with no energy whatsoever, which is unusual for me. During the day old symptoms of numb lips and tongue have resurfaced, which are still here today. I have drank plenty of water to help flush the gadolinium out! Is this just a coincidence and I’m having a flare up or something more sinister to do with the gadolinium? Has anyone else had similar issues after a ‘with contrast’ scan? I’m thinking of not having one again as I’ve just read a report stating MRIs alone can show almost just as much and as I’m on dmds I believe its a prerequisite for taking them so next year I’ll be having another. At least it’ll be a talking point at my next appointment! Has anybody else had similar issues? Thanks Sharon x

Hi Sharon

I have often fallen asleep in MRIs. I think it’s the hypnotic effect of the noise. I tend to shut my eyes any way and just listen to the repetitive noise. I don’t think it’s the contrast dye as the scans after that’s injected aren’t too long, I’ve normally nodded off in the initial scans.

I know there’s been some discussion recently about Gadolinium not being particularly good for a person, but I wouldn’t let that stop me from having contrast in the future. And I’ve had so many MRIs over the years, I don’t think it’s done me any harm.


Hello Sharon,

I’ve never had any trouble with a contrast scan, but if you’re worried about anything you could always give your MS nurse a call.

Like Sue, I often fall asleep in the MRI scanner. I have a head and full spine with contrast scan which takes nearly an hour; it’s a long time to just lie still and do nothing so I’m always happy to doze off.

Hope you get your result soon.


I’ve never had any trouble with the contrast MRI. They’re the only type I’ve had and have never felt any adverse effects.

Update: I have been feeling much better since Tuesday lunchtime. 3 days to recover from whatever happened to me! Something I omitted in my initial post was the odd sensation that my brain was floating, (now I know it really does float/is suspended), but it felt like it was bobbing up and down, but that’s better too now - could have been mild vertigo symptoms , which I’ve had similar before :frowning: Anyway, I have made a note of what happened and will bring it up at my next appointment. Sharon x