cancelled mri appointments?

Hello all! Hope the sun is shinning for you all. Just wondering really if anyone ever phoned up to see if there was any cancellations for mri scans and got seen to earlier. Neuro has booked me in for full brain and spine mri with contrast so its quite a long appointment, but im just taking it as a long rest as I have 3 little devils so to lay down for an hour is a god send. Also how did peoole find the dye being injected? Xxx

No, I’ve had scans cancelled due to ‘technical difficulties’ but never managed to get a cancellation. The dye is alright. They put a cannula in your arm first, have your scan, pull you out, put the dye in, back in the scanner…simples :wink: x

Ohhh didnt think my appointment could get cancelled! Fingers crossed there then. I only have 4 weeks to wait which isnt to bad. Lol I wish it could be that simple. They never find my veins could take them 20 minutes just to do that :slight_smile: and I will probably cry like a little girl after the first 5 jabs :wink: How are you? Xxx

didn’t phone to see if there were any cancelations, but the next day after my first neuro appointment i got a phone call saying there was a canelation could i come in a few days instead of having to wait a few months. um yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh how lucky was you! Not envious at all :wink: How soon after did you get your results?? Xxx

Also can the person doing the mri tell you anything about what they have seen?? Xxx

no, the people doing the MRI genrally don’t really tell you anything. um was about a month later. i was diagnosed pretty fast actually. from going to my gp to diagnoses was less than 6 months so pretty lucky