MRI when Pregnant?

Hi everyone, this is my first post so bit new to all this.

I am just looking to find out if anyone else has had experience of a MRI when pregnant? I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago with my first baby and am absolutly thrilled. It couldn’t have came at a better time as a week before that I was dealing with the news that I likely have RRMS. My neurologist has booked me in for a MRI of the head and neck but of course I didnt know I was pregnant. I have my appointment through for next Saturday.

I thought I would have to cancel as I just thought you werent allowed them when pregnant (as the neurologist asked me if I was for the consent form). I went to see my GP yesterday to confirm my pregnancy etc and I asked him. He has told me to call the xray department to ask what the risks are etc before just cancelling my appointment, which I will do on Monday when they reopen.

I have decided that if the risks are great that I wont do it as I know my pregnancy is more important to me. But at the same time it would be great to bring my diagnosis forward so I can start DMDs after my pregnancy. I had a MRI last year so I know what to expect but just wonder as its just the head and neck that they may just put something over my stomach to protect the baby?

As I mentioned I will phone up on Monday for advice but just looking to see if anybody can share anymore info the now?


Laura x

I’m pretty sure there’s no problems with MRI and pregnancy as it’s just magnets. It’s X-rays that you get in a CT scan that are the trouble. I’m a medical student, and a couple of years back I did a study using MRI to scan twin foetuses- measuring their head/brain sizes.

Hi Laura

I had one at 14 weeks because of my concerns we waited until after 12 weeks there is no known risk but likewise little data re the effects.I am now 29 weeks and every thing seems to be going well so far.

The best people to advise will be radiologists mine was really positive and managed to get a reasonable scan without using contrast which was good.

Congratulations on your pregnancy I can totally relate to how you feel my first few months were all wrapped up with trying to find out what was matter with me and being pregnant helped me to focus on what was really important.Its been a difficult time but the thought of a new baby in a few months really helps.

Ellie x

Thank you both for your reply, its really helped. I think I will do the same as yourself Ellie and wait until after the 12 weeks, I am only 5 weeks at the moment.

Yes the pregnancy has been great, the week I found out all I was doing was thinking about the possible MS and reading what I could to understand it all. But I care more about eating the right foods and thinking about baby names.

Congratulations on your pregnancy Ellie and hope everything is going well.

Laura x