MRI brain and C Spine

Hi all I’m in for another MRI brain and c spine this afternoon. So worried as I haven’t recovered from the optic neuritis well at all-13 weeks in now. I’m feeling so unwell lately. I’m hoping for no new lesions as I want to try for baby number 2… But if MRI has progressed i will need interferon which I’m trying to avoid… I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you all but I can’t talk to anyone else really about this. Love Lilly xxx

Really hope it goes ok and you get the results you are hoping for xxx

Hope it went ok and that you get the results you want. (((HUGS))))

Sharon x

Hope it all went ok Axx

I hope your scan shows no new lesions and you get to try for baby number 2. All the best to you

It’s funny how normal it becomes having an MRI. The receptionist was asking if I was nervous and the person bringing me down for the scan was telling me how I might find it noisy etc!!i was like yeah its ok-iv done this before!! They did have to re do one of the sets of images - not sure why so that worried me a sure i didnt move though!!! I really hope all is stable. I wonder if they can tell by looking at the scan why my optic neuritis has been so slow to settle or why my vision is so bad? Maybe they will see a big lesion on the nerve … I really want a second baby. I’m so afraid if things are progressing too rapidly ill need to opt for treatment sooner rather than later and then my hopes for another baby are gone. They funny thing is although in my head I’d love anoter baby in reality I probably wouldn’t be able for 2!! I’m so tired now i can’t imagine being pregnant and the tiredness that brings. Not to mention 2 kids to look after!! Maybe I’m Crazy but before this disease I didnt have to worry about things like that. I’m young and should be able to do as I please like all my friends. … Also the idea of having to actually make the baby (if you get what I mean) exhausts me!!! I jst don’t have any interest in that department at the moment…: pjs on lights out,straight to sleep… My poor husband. I def love him but just have no energy :frowning: BIt embarrassing to say that actually!!! Anyway, now I just have the wait for the results. Life on hold again. Thanks to you all for the support-means alot, I know you all are going through the same and far worse in most cases. Lilly xxx

Hi Lilly, I know exactly what you mean about the bedroom situation. I’m not diagnosed but struggling with fatigue and lack of ‘interest’ :wink: I’m often in bed myself soon after I put my 4 3/4 year old daughter to bed. Poor hubby doesn’t see much of me in the evenings. As for feeling embarrassed, though natural, this really is a safe and supportive place to talk about things like that. If you need more privacy, just send a private message to someone you feel comfortable with. Wishing you clarity and swift results x

Oh god I could count on 1 hand the amount of time I have done the deed in the past 4years no libido on my part and to be honest skin so sensitive to touch I can get horrible crawling sensation which is a passion killer.