had mri scan of brain and c-spine today

hello everyone,

i saw my neuro on 29th march who found clinical symptoms when i went, clonus bilaterally, upgoing right plantar and very brisk reflexes. he said i needed an mri of brain and c-spine and it was today so i didnt have to wait too long.

i have previously had an mri of brain when i was referred by the eye clinic with suspected optic neuritis, this came back clear.

my current symptoms are dead arms at night, pins and needles in my hands, muscle fasciculations in my feet, calfs and hands and random twitches and jerks. my mri took ages today cos i kept jerking and there was movement on the image :confused:

i’m struggling with pain, i wake up feeling like i’ve run a marathon or been involved in an accident in my sleep lol, i ache, every muscles feels pulled, it takes a while for the stiffness to ease and my body to unfold lol… i went to my gp who said because i am already on citalopram and also amitrypitiline that he is not happy to medicate me, he wants the neuro to do it… marvellous, i have don’t even have a neuro appt booked, he just said he would see me after my mri… do i ring his secretary and try and get an appt asap? or ask if he can tell my gp to medicate me to help? i’m kind of stuck waiting… i want my mri results NOW lol… but i know even that probably won’t be enough for a dx and i will be sent for a lp, my neuro did say that was next after the mri, at the moment my possible diagnosis is either ms or cervical spine syndrome according to letter… but not all of my symptoms are consistent with that and i have never suffered any trauma to my neck so my gp said himself that with my medical history so far there isnt much else they are looking for other than ms.

soooo… sorry for the ramble but my main question is should i now be badgering the neuro dept til i get seen? and if i cant get a neuro appt soon could the neuro advise gp on medicating me in the mean time?

thanks xx

Hello Mrsgreen x

I’m in a similar position x my GP wouldn’t give me anythingbecause:

  1. they think there is more than one thing going on (because I have an enlarged Pituitary)

  2. he said that the meds that would help my symtoms are not ‘first line’ drugs ie my neuro will have to prescribe! (I’m aleady prescribed the heaviest painkillers eg oramorph after spinal injuries 16 yrs ago)

I am livid with myself because I forgot to ask my neuro!!

So there we are - suffering while waiting!! I’m going to ring my GP on Tuesday & if that fails I’m ringing the neuro’s secretary too! xxxxxjenxxxx

Hello MrsGreen,

It always seems to take ages before you get anywhere, try ringing the neuro’s sec, the worst thing she can say is she doesn’t know when your appt’ to see neuro will be, or by ringing her it will remind her and get you an earlier appt’. Don’t forget to say how much pain you are in. You won’t lose anything by ringing her but you may gain. I wish you luck.



I had terrible trouble trying to see my neuro recently, the doctor had told meto ring to get an appointment but I got nowhere with the secretary, in the end I just had to wait for my routine appointment. I told the neurologist my difficulties in trying to see her and she said the my GP should have contacted her as I would have got seen sooner if I had gone down this route, so from my own experience I would try and get your GP to get you an appointment. Good luck


ooh… thanks if i get nowhere with the neuro’s secretary tomorrow then i will get back in to see my gp and ask him to get me seen by neuro or at least get me medicated while i wait xx