Keep neuro appointment?

Hi all

Just after some advice.

I had a neuro appt booked for June to receive MRI results, this was then cancelled and moved to 23rd July. This would have been 18 weeks after MRI, so I called neuro sec and she managed to get me an earlier appt back on 13th June. I was dx with RRMS at this appointment.

I have received a reminder by text about my appointment this Weds as the July appointment was obviously never cancelled by neuro sec when I was given the earlier June appointment.

I hope you’re still with me - sorry this is confusing!

My question is - do I still go this Weds or do I call them and cancel it? I don’t have anything new to tell them really. I had discovered I am pregnant 4 days before I was dx (double bombshell in that week!!). I am now 10 weeks - so in that respect I guess it might be an idea to see the neuro.

Any advice?

Sorry about the anon status - will reveal all once I have 12 week scan :slight_smile:

Well, I tend to dislike neuro appointments anyway, so if I only had one last month, and had nothing new to discuss, I wouldn’t have any hesitation in ringing and cancelling.

Your pregnancy would obviously have treatment implications. I don’t think any of the DMDs would get the green light for a pregnant woman (not necessarily because they would be dangerous, but there’s just not enough research to know…) And I’m not even too sure whether most drugs prescribed for symptom relief are safe during pregnancy.

So it might be worth going, just for the chat about what’s OK and what’s not. If you’re not on any medication anyway, then maybe not, and just pose the question if/when it arises.

I think it’s up to you, really. If they hadn’t screwed up, it’s pretty unlikely you’d be called back in just a month later. Unless they’d asked you to go away and think about DMDs? In which case I think the answer has to be no, now, for the time being.

Why not ring and ask if it would be advisable still to come?

Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way! At least, I hope it’s congrats, as you imply it was unexpected!



I think you’re right, I will give the appointments team a call and cancel the appointment. There’s no point in me wasting his time, as I have nothing new to tell him really.

Re the pregnancy, unexpected, but only because we had been trying for a year without success - I’m absolutely made up about it :slight_smile: Reading my original post back, I do sound a bit miserable about it! Couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re absolutely thrilled, plus it’s taken the edge off the dx rather a lot too