MRI Scan results

Hi there,

I have been having a relapse of my double vision since November last year. I have had steroids which made no difference. I have had numerous appointments with the eye clinic at my local hospital and i am wearing glasses with a prism of 16. I have recently had another MRI scan and the results show that I am showing increased lesion load within the brain particularly periventriculary and also the corpus callosum. Imaging of the spine (not done previously) shows lesions consistant with demyelination at theC2.

I am not due to see neuro again in July to discuss this, but until then does anyone know what this means?



Hi Caz

Sorry-not a clue what it means. Karen will but I think shes either going on holiday or is already away. Hopefully someone can answer your question-sorry again that I cant be helpful.

Ellie x

Well I guess the neuro will be wanting to talk to you about how your MS is behaving (and it does sound as though it is being a bit lively at the moment, which you know better than anyone!) and whether there is more than they can offer you in terms of treatments to keep it in its place. Do you have an MS nurse you can have a chat to in the meantime - he or she might be able to set the scene for you about what the neuro is likely to want to discuss. If not, your GP might be able to help you.



Hi Caz, sorry love, but I`m not up on medispeak…but Rizzo usually pops in to help us in that regard.

Ahh, I see Elle says Rizzo is on hols. Yes, I remember now…shes in Cuba. Dunno when shell be back…can`t be much longer now.

Do you have an MS nurse who may be able to decode the results for you?

luv Pollx

Your GP will be able to explain in more detail, as they should automatically be sent a written copy of your scan. I also have leisions in the corpus callosum,it’s in the middle of your brain and connects the right and left side.

My GP told me to think of it like a telephone interchange with all the wires leading into and out of it.

I hope that helps a bit. I can’t help with the C2, sorry but your GP will be able to tell you more.

The C vertebrae are the first seven bones in the spine (effectively your neck). If you go to:

there is a very small picture - which you can enlarge. Numbering starts from the top of each section.


Hi Caz,

Snap - I have lesions in my corpus collosum and lesions on C2,C3,C4 and C5 - think I should buy Citroen cars in those


Think the ones on my spine are the cause of probs with arms and legs.

Hope your neuro can explain better.

keep well, Jen x

Thanks for your replies. I am just being impatient as I have an appointment with my neuro on 3rd July. I know that I have numb arms, and my sight is still messed up, double vision big time, and brain fog all the time. These seem to match up with stuff I have read on the internet. But you have to take that with a pinch of salt. I will let you know how it goes when I know more.

Thanks again

After a nasty fall from my horse - going over a jump - l ended up with a injured neck - the physio said it was damage to C2 C3 this was about 35yrs ago. Makes me wonder if the theory about the ‘Atlas’ joint in the neck being part of our problems.

l know someone posted about it this week - and l do remember it being discussed on the ‘good old site’ a few years ago.

l will look into this a bit more - l know l can not turn to the right to look behind me. And when l had the doppler ultra sound scan it was found that my right jugular was blocked. Curious.

Just goes to show we need to keep an open-mind.


Google - Atlas bone misalignment - apparently causes damage to nervous system.