1st mri results what do you think!!

Hi can anyone help me with these results mri-brain widespread sub-cortical and deep white matter high attenuation area’s in both hemi-spheres, high signal abnormalities suggesting chronic ischaemia or neuro degenerative plaques, had the scan when i was rushed into hosp with possible stroke but that now ruled out have also devoloped quite a few ms symptoms over the last couple of months any advice would be gratly welcomed i am currently waiting to go for another mri and lp


Hi, I haven’t been on the forum long and don’t know much.

I think the MRI scan is basically evidence for what you’ve been told, and supports having another mri and lp.

Ithink it means the scan showed lesions that could be MS (neuro degenerative plaques) but not suggesting stroke.

So that is consistent with doing another MRI scan (to get more information on lesions etc) and an LP (that could show antibodies [or similar] typical in MS).

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply been put on gabapentin for pain and tingling/pins and needles in left side certainly makes me a cheap date only had half glass wine and feel so drunk :frowning:

What you’ve said means that you have a lot of lesions, spread across both halves of the brain, but that they are not sure of the cause. Chronic ischemia means long-term blood flow problems (and therefore normally stroke I think). Neuro-degenerative is not very specific - it basically means damage to the neurons (the cells of the brain). There are lots of causes of this though, so it’s horribly vague. Plaques just means scars / lesions / areas of damage.

So sorry, there isn’t sufficient info to make an informed guess from this.

Actually, I’ve just read what you’ve written again and I’m confused. The words “high” and “attenuation” do not normally appear together. In fact, they are sort of opposites!

I am neither qualified nor have all the info, but if your symptoms started only a couple of months ago, I think it is pretty likely that you don’t have MS - it doesn’t normally present in this way. There are one-off infection-driven conditions like ADEM that can cause lots of lesions in a short time though, so it may be that you have something like that - in which case, and with any luck, you will be able to put this behind you soon.

Here’s hoping!

Karen x

Hi thanks for the replys , i meant devolped more symptoms in last couple months i think i had 1st episode two yrs ago when lost feeling in left side for couple minutes then had pins and needles for a few hours , only researched ms after doc saidnhe definatly didnt think it was stroke as i have realy good days and some terrible days were i carnt do a thing i was also diagnosed with anklosing spondylitus 4 yrs ago , but not worried yet will await other tests and see what happens its nice to know that there is always someone on herer to ask for advice tho thankyou all

Jackie xxxx