Anyone help with MRI results?

Hi, struggling to get hold of my MS nurse and was wondering if anyone can help me make sense of my latest MRI results.
I understand my brain results it’s the c-spine I’m struggling with. Previously I had 3 lesions located in the area between c5 & c7. My new results say. A previously visible lesion has effectively disappeared and there is atrophy in association with a previously left dorsolateral cord lesion in the lower cervical spine. My questions are, is this good or bad news? Disappeared sounds good? then I googled :flushed: apparently dissapear doesn’t mean healed it means dissolved in to the spinal fluid resulting in more disability. Anyone know if this is correct? Or can they dissapear and heal? Also I know atrophy isn’t good but it says atrophy of the cord lesion… so does that mean that one is also dissolving?
I really wish the neuro would just call with the results and explain them to me.
Thanks in advance, sorry for the ramble!

@Ceesa78 why oh why do they send the patient results before they see them. Drives me mad.

No google it means nothing and will just get you more upset. I expect your MS nurse will contact you shortly so keep trying. If i could answer your question I would be a radiologist lol.

I am sorry you have been left hanging in the air with this, its not fair.

All i can say is try to take a deep breath and just wait for the call. Things will become clear. xxx

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Don’t even try to understand your results. My neuro advised me to stay away from Dr. Google, and he was right, because it’ll only frighten you unnecessarily.

I went through a bad spell when I thought one of my blood results showed evidence of leukemia, which was prominent in my extended family. My doctor was quite nice about it all and explained that those results combined with several others at the time meant that I was fine.


Thank you for replying :relaxed: it’s the first time it’s happened I usually get an appointment, but I guess it’s due to covid. A telephone call would have been helpful though lol!
Your right Google helps no-one I’ll end up with another illness as well as ms :joy:

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