Latest mri results

Hi all,

Thanks again regarding posts on B12 (mine come back ok after all that haha).

Anyway Ive got a letter about my recent mri results (of brain and spine), and said it showed minimual ms activity, and while this is v reassuring, Im now also feeling quite odd as the word minimual doesnt go hand in hand with the trouble Ive had with my legs… Im thinking they went completely numb and the scan showed nothing on my spine!! And that it didnt show much change since my old neuro did his scan.

Hmmm anyway just wanted to share with someone, and Im now wondering if my diagnosis still stands as I got dx with mri results and LP

Take care x

“Minimal” activity is unbelievably vague and utterly meaningless! Can’t see why it would change your diagnosis though.

For what it’s worth, lesions on MRI and symptoms don’t tend to tally all that brilliantly. Try not to worry.

Karen x

Hi Karen, Thanks for your response :slight_smile: I find I’m sometimes really grateful being cc’d in on letters flying about regarding it all and other times wish I had the ability to just ignore them haha. Does anyone know if lesions disappear? Also, main thing that seems to get me at the moment is fatigue (other than that I’m feeling pretty normal), how does everyone else cope with this? Hugs x