Hi Limbolanders - a little update and a few MRI questions.

Hi everyone, I’ve had a short break from the Internet and so haven’t posted on here for a while. My symptoms recently have been more annoying than debilitating and for that I am grateful. However, constant flashing sparkles are preventing me from concentrating on the TV or anything else…has anyone else had this? Yesterday morning I had a full brain and full spine MRI without contrast. As I was sitting waiting a woman walked past who said “oh my goodness they started putting me in and I couldn’t do it it’s the worst experience of my life” which didn’t fill me with much confidence but to reassure those waiting it really really wasn’t that bad! A means to an end and an excuse to shut your eyes! I asked the man afterwards if I could look at the pictures, just out of interest. Obviously I have no idea what I’m looking at but my brain was a consistent kind of shade. When it came to the spine I saw 3 or so little white spots. The technician pointed at them and said something but I didn’t catch it, he was looking through the pictures quickly and a lady was waiting. I know that white spots are normal degeneration for a certain age but I’m 22? Just looking for thoughts really. I hope you are all keeping well. Em x

Hi Emma. Glad to hear that your symptoms have eased up a bit :slight_smile: MS lesions are only in the spinal cord rather than any other part of the back / spine so the important thing is exactly where the white spots you saw were. Hopefully you’ll get the results soon so you know for sure. (If you have a copy of the MRI, I can help you work it out in advance, if you want.) Karen x

Hi Rizzo, Thanks so much. I didn’t ask for a copy as I thought it was best just to wait and see, I didn’t realise id see the spots. The white spots were on the spinal cord sorry, not the spine. Is there any way I can get hold of them now? Also just out of interest I was scanned in a mobile scanner and they said the results would take a lot longer, why would this be? Thanks again Rizzo :slight_smile: x

White spots on the spinal cord certainly aren’t normal, so it sounds like supporting evidence (although MS isn’t the only cause). The only reason I can think for a mobile unit to be slower is that they may have to be hard-wired to download the data to the server and they may have more places to go to before that happens. Then of course you have a load of new scans needing looked at at the same time by a limited number of radiologists who are probably already busy with hospital stuff so there will probably be a delay in getting through them. You can get a copy by asking at the hospital that stores the data. There’s usually an admin fee of about £20. You could phone the radiology department as a first step. Kx