Needing MRI experts

I have been dealing with MS type symptoms for almost 6 yrs. Long story short, I am now seeing a neurologist and just received my MRI results which show; “punctuate T2/flair hypersensitivity seen in high right front subcortical white matter”

What does this mean? Thanks in advance!

I should list some of my symptoms and that might help. Most recently, a few months back I had left eye pain which then turned into double vision and blurry vision. Saw an opthamologist and nothing was physically wrong with my eyes. He gave me drops and eventually my eye got better as did the vision. Fast forward to 3 wks ago, and my body jerks (which Ive had for about 6 mos) have gotten worse–I get anywhere from 5-50 a day. And now my vision problems are back, the double vision and eye pain. In addition, I have complete exhaustion, so much so, that there are days that I just cannot get out of bed. I stay home from work for days. I barely eat those days. My body is in pain, my back, my legs feel weak and they hurt. My whole body trembles now. I used to have such a steady hand and now I don’t. I have ringing in my left ear. I have always had GI issues. Mostly always constipated. I get up about 4-5 times a night to pee. Have a hard time sleeping. I am just exhausted ALL THE TIME. I think the location of my lesions are not typical for MS, at least that’s what I think. But I don’t see the neuro until next month unless he calls me before then. The results just came in today. Thanks!

Hello petals12 Welcome to the forum. I don’t know what your results mean I’m afraid. it is a worrying time for you but a month is not long, then hopefully things will be much clearer. I hope you have plenty of support from family/friends. Take care :slight_smile:

Hello, I read your post and had to reply, I have never replied to any posts before!

I have had MS type symptoms since Jan 2014, sensation of insects across my skin (on and off all day) extreme fatigue, balance issues and a heavy left leg (had heavy left leg 3 years ago without any other symptoms). I saw my GP in February who sent me for a brain MRI (he said that he thought it may be MS) which showed “A 5mm hyperintense focus is demonstrated in the Right frontal lobe subcortical white matter best visualised on the flair sequence, this may represent a small focus of demyelineation but as is essentially non specific as an isolated feature”

The consultant saw the results and sent me a letter saying I was non urgent and would be seen in due course. I rang the secretary who said that the consultant did not think it was MS, The wait was around 4 months! so I went to another hospital. The consultant I saw said I probably did not have MS he sent me for a brain and spine MRI there and Sensory evoked potentials tests.

The SEP tests were within normal limits and the second MRI showed 2 lesions in the white matter of the frontal lobes, very non specific in appearance, no leasions in spinal cord. I was surprised to see I had another lesion in 3 months and disappointed that the lesions had not been measured on the report so I could compare to the first MRI.

I have been told the results are reassuring, that my problems are musculoskeletal and not neurological, I still have all the same symptoms, but my balance has improved, They have offered to scan me again in 12 months if symptoms persist.

Just thought I would let you know my story as it sounds so similar, would love to know how you get on, I feel so frustrated as know that what I feel is not right.

Best wishes