MRI Scan Image Results - Second Opinion/

Hello All,

For anyone that hasn’t seen my other posts, I’ve been having a gradual build up symptoms and quite persistently now for about 4/5 months. From balance, gait, tingling, lightheaded and tingling.

May and June, I went for Brain, C spine & thoracic MRI scan. I was convinced they will find something on the MRI, however results came back with “no evidence of demyelination”. Because I went for the scans private I get a copy of the report and also a copy of the images.

Is it possible for a neuroradiologist to miss out on lesions or demyelination? Now I have a copy of the scan I have looked at some images , there’s one image I have concerns about (I am not qualified nor I know that know one on here is but this image has me worried), I’ve put a black arrow and you will see the white dot, see below:

I’m getting a second opinion on the scans and seeing a different neurologist? What does everyone think?

Thank you for listening :slight_smile:

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What are peoples opinions?


Its very difficult for anybody here who is not qualified to have an opinion.

But if you are unhappy / unsure with what you are seeing i too would be asking for a second option. Or contact the first people and just ask the quesion.Just say i am worried with what i think i ams seeing.

I was shown my MRI scans very briefly and I know that my brain looked like a pretty Christmas tree with twinkly lights on. :joy:

Even if there is one area that is questionable, they won’t diagnose on that alone. The McDonald criteria says that you have to have a dissemination (?) in time and space. Meaning you need more than one, in different areas that happened at different times.

By all means get a second opinion. Forewarned is forearmed and maybe it’s something to keep an eye on.

Lots of luck


Hi @Foxy

Thanks for the message.

The thing is although I have posted the picture with the arrow , this scan still came back with “no evidence of demyelination”. Which seems really odd to me, because that is a white dot on the MRI and it’s quite clear.

I have decided I am going for a second opinion to see if anyone else can make sense of my symptoms and scans. I’m not convinced I don’t have MS. I am convinced that I do.

Hope everything is well with you :slight_smile:


I think your first port of call is the neurologist who commissioned the scans and (via him/her) the reporting radiologist. Of course mistakes happen, and you should ask them to review and explain what that apparent white dot is. You will more than likely be told that it is ‘probably an artefact of the scanning process’, but it won’t hurt to have them take another look, and if the neurologist cannot explain it, that’s most likely what he/she will ask the radiologist to do. The worst that can happen is a bit of eye-rolling, but we need to be thick-skinned in this game.

By the way, let me be clear, I don’t know a lesion from a hole in the ground, so I’m not implying that I think that might be one!

Hi @alison100 thank you for the reply.

I did exactly what you said. I called MRI Department asked for an explanation.

This was a different radiologist, so kind of a second opinion , she said it looks like a bit of “Fluid” not demyelination. She said if the consultant did not mention “demyelination” then it isn’t.

I guess it’s not then, but we always wonder don’t we and never satisfied with what we see, well that’s me speaking for myself.

I just hope it’s correct information.


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@alison100 @TeddyBear1

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I called mri department and said I was worried. A radiologist went on the phone and I guided her to the image on the scan and she looked at it whilst on the phone with her and she confirmed that it’s “fluid”.

She said the radiologist is specifically trained in neurology and would not miss “demyelination” apparently. So we just have to wait and see.

Thanks for your input and planting the seed to ring them back as it didn’t really enter my mind.


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That’s good news. At least you now know you don’t have multiple sclerosis. I would love to have my pre-MS me back --this wretched disease had robbed me so much of life’s potential --okay self pitiful spiel over.

Hi @muchthesamemuchness

Thanks for your message.

I’m still not convinced I don’t have MS although all my scans are clear.

I have ongoing symptoms heavy legs, lightheaded and balance and tingling with brain fog. All quite sporadic but my scans don’t show anything.

What’s your thoughts?

I hope you are keeping safe and well.


I am glad that you are a little more confident that your scans do not currently show signs of MS. That doesn’t solve your puzzle, of course, and I know it doesn’t feel satisfactory, but it’s all intel and it’s all useful.

I honestly don’t know, I’m very new to this but a 2nd opinion is probably a good idea.

Have you caught Covid-19 before?
I personally think I have a little of the long version mixed inside me, but also I do have other ailments that give me grief --don’t think I can exclusively point my finger at MS for everything.
I’m no doctor so it’s best to ask the professionals what’s going on.
Good luck.


Funny you say that. Because all of my symptoms gradually built up over a period of time and it all started after a flu. I remember it so well, december last year! I tested for covid numerous times and it was negative. I just haven’t heard if anyone else feeling weak legs and balance issues after covid, Have you? I am not sure, it’s scary when you have all these symptoms but nothing to back it up and everyone thinks you’re making it up! Thanks

I’m no expert but I think I heard before after flu or viral infection, it may have a knock on effect like ME or chronic fatigue syndrome --the symptoms are similar to multiple sclerosis I think?
Best to get it checked out, hope you find out anyway.
Kind regards.


I want to ask you thoughts and opinion on my situation? “Only thoughts” not diagnosis :slight_smile:

I had brain scan and c spine 2019 - result was normal and clear.

This year a few months I had a brain scan, c spine, thoracic and lumbar MRI - all came back clear.

I have lots of symptoms.

Could I still have MS or is the possibility greatly reduced? What’s your opinion thoughts?


@TeddyBear1 @Foxy21 @alison100 @muchthesamemuchness

My neurology appointment is this friday. A lot of my symptoms have subsided, brain fog, Co ordination, cognition, memory, all has went back to pretty much normal. Not as much tingling anymore.

The only issue I have is legs feel heavy and not 100% right. But I have started to eat healthy, exercise and started cold showers. This year has been a total roller coaster.

My appointment on Friday is a second opinion so I will update everyone on here. I’m going to Leeds spire hospital so will keep everyone posted.

Many thanks

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Good luck

Good luck from me too

Good luck. I saw Dr Lily at the Spire too, he’s a really nice person and was very reassuring.