MRI results. Update. Chance finding of brain tumour.

Hello all, just an update on my situation. I had a brain MRI six weeks ago and received results about two weeks ago. Neurologist says that there is nothing in my results to explain my present symptoms but that they made a chance finding of a benign brain tumour. I have an appointment a week on Friday to discuss the treatment options.

I’m okay with it all and have peace about it. I’m a bit miffed as to what is causing the symptoms though, the neuro said they are not caused by the tumour. I have decided to request a test for gluten intolerance. A friend suggested I do so after her brother in law, who has had very similar symptoms and the same medical journey as I, was seen by a neurologist who suggested it may be gluten ataxia. I’m currently feeling well, I just have roaring tinnitus, but it’s amazing what you can get used to, isn’t it?

So that’s where I’m at. Thank you for the previous advice I have received on here.


Ooer Helen

When you say ‘brain tumour’ it’s bloody scary, benign or not.

I’d like to say congratulations on it not being MS, but since that leaves you still in the land of limbo, I suspect you’re too bothered about the symptoms you have to be that overjoyed about having one thing ruled out.

I hope the brain tumour is as untroublesome as you’ve made it seem.

And that you find the answer for your symptoms soon.

Don’t forget, when being tested for coeliac disease, don’t stop eating gluten. If you take away the thing that’s causing the symptoms, you’d test negative whether you actually had coeliac or not.

Good luck.


Thanks Sue. Yes, I am munching away on the bread, pasta and other gluten filled goodies. I am glad it isn’t MS and I’m just going with the flow as far as the tumour is concerned. I’m thankful it has been found now before it’s caused any symptoms. Helen

Just thought I’d put in my 2 pennyworth, I don’t know what your full symptoms are but I recently had an MRI and was told I didn’t have MS. I saw the top Professor at my hospital and wouldn’t have taken my diagnosis from anyone else but he said my very real symptoms are psychological. My symptoms haven’t disappeared since I saw him but I think about them less. Instead I think about all the things that could have triggered the symptoms . What made me write this is one of my symptoms is constant Tinnitus including Roaring Tinnitus I also have Vertigo when I lie down which is worse when I close my eyes it makes bedtime fun. Anyway he called my condition Somatisation and I had 2 things last year that could of triggered it pneumonia which caused me to need medical treatment abroad and straight after a Breast cancer scare all within 3 months. I’m still waiting to see ENT and will most likely still keep that appointment to get my ears checked. Any diagnosis can be scary and I wish you luck.