MRI results/follow up appt

Hi everyone…

I had my MRi scan of brain last Thurs and have just had a call from the eye neuro dr.

The cannot discuss results over the phone but have looked at scan and are happy there is nothing showing that needs immediate intervention/treatment. As they suspected no brain tumour there… So good news on that aspect . They want to see me on the 30th March back in clinic. This is based on clinical need and availalbility of an appointment. Also they want to see how my eyes settle down re ON and nystagmus. Completely forgot to ask about driving as they didnt want me to until I saw them back in clinic.(due to the eye movements and vertigo) I would struggle anyway at minute…seems a long way off till I go back…surely if the mri is negative for" inflamation on the brain" they can tell you that over the phone?

I am finding this waiting not easy and appreciate its a process that we all have to go through…not being able to drive is hard as I am so independant…I now have rapid eye movements in both eyes, the left is moving up and down and the right one moves left to right…most of the time its subtle but also it can affect what I am looking at in terms of the image also moves…this can vary durng the day but more noticable in the mornings and eves or when I am concentrating or out and about also…I have had some pain in left eye over last week…sometimes its sharp and radiates at back of eye or painful when moving my eye…both eyes are stinging but no discharge…but vision in my right eye is now not good but no change in colour vision. My left is now lazy all the time and my weaker eye is doing its best to take over…but its very tiring! In meantime I just need to keep an eye on things and go to the eye A&E if my left eye gets worse in terms of vision or colour aspect…but am hoping it will start to improve over the next few weeks.

Good news re the brain tumour! That was my worse fear too. Just a thought, after my last MRI my GP was able to access the scan within a fortnight, and the accompanying report. I don’t know if this is common practice or not, but he/she may be able to tell you more, long before your Neurology appointment at the end of March? Worth an ask?

Hi Huuny…thanks re that…have spoken to the MRi dept and they dont send a copy of the report to your gp.(Birmingham city hopstal mri dept).and I asked could I request one to be sent and they said no!! ;-(I was hoping I could get into my gp to discuss before my neuro eye appt end of march…scuppered it seems!! lol I am guessing that the consultant will write to my gp though…when is anyones guess…lol

Tis good news re tumour but they pretty much said they were ruling this out when I saw them in clinic on the 27th…so yes is good the mri has confirmed this for them…and to be honnest I felt reassured in clinic by this so in my mind had discounted it…

Bugger! I believe you can pay to get a copy yourself though? Karen (rizzo) on here is brilliant at translating them.

Ahh ok hunny…thanks will seek her advice on that…she certainly knows her stuff re MRI scans…so will look into a copy of the report. …thanks…x

Great news that it’s not anything urgent

I don’t know why they said that they can’t send you a copy of the report. They actually have to let you see anything in your medical files! You might have to pay an “admin charge” though

You can get a copy of your MRI scans by contacting the place you had it done too - again there’s usually a charge.

If you get the report, I can certainly translate it into English for you Helping someone to look through scan images is a bit tricky via the forum, but I’m happy to help if I can.

I hope your eyes improve soon!

Karen x

Hi Karen…

thanks…it is…but still unasnwred questions!!

Have spoken to medical records and she is emailing me a form to request the mri report and hopefully a copy of the mri…after all it is my brain!! lol I would be very grateful if you could do a translation of the report…and if I can save the scan image and send it to you via private message I will…not sure on that but will see…lol am not that good with technology! Thanks again…also no admin charge as I have had the scan in the last few weeks. so thats good.

Thanks re eyes…checking every day and no improvement as yet…but its only been a few weeks.

Em x.

Hi everyone…

Am stil waiting on eye neuro secretary to get back to me about driving whilst waiting to go back to see them…suspect will be a no as they did say that at last appt…even so, if my eyes start to improve over next few weeks and I feel up to local trips I would like to do that. also in process of changing my motability car and the new one I would like is ready but I need to test drive it before i order it!! lol

Something odd happened the other day and not sure if its related to my eyes/brain or not…but it scared me a little…I had a very strong taste like sweet metallic in my mouth, then my mouth literally flooded with loads of saliva…it just would not stop…lasted about a minute and I fel quite shakey after, didnt feel sick or faint during, very odd…anyone else had anything like this? luckily it hasnt happened since…lol


Excessive saliva can be an autonomic symptom, but there are bound to be other causes - best to get it checked out I would think?

Good luck with the eyes/car!

Karen x

Thanks karen…yes will tell them when I go to eye A&E clinic in next few days as not happy with my sight aspect…

still waiting for call back re driving…not that I aqm up for that right now but as my sight improves I will def be wanted to drive again…for now I am getting lifts or going on my powertrike…which is ok but its very cold out there…certainly blows the cobwebs away!!