Unusual scan

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick question has anyone had the radiologist (think that’s what they are called) change the scan?

What I mean by this is I had a repeat MRI of my brain and cervical spine. The scan went on for over an hour and the radiologist spoke to me after saying that they decided to do my complete spinal cord and she would recommend me not to drive until my next appointment with neurologist.

Would anyone else see this as odd? Has anyone else had this before? I have a diagnosis of CIS so was hoping this scan would give me some answers of some new symptoms

My appointment it not with my neurologist is not until Christmas so that’s a long time to wait without being able to drive.

I look forward to hearing others insight.

Thanks everyone

Syd x

Hi Syd

That does seem very strange. I’ve never encountered it. And being told by the radiologist not to drive seems to suggest that they’ve seen something odd about your scan.

In your position, there is no way you should wait until December before you get the results of the MRI.

I think a phone call to the neurologists secretary might help to get your appointment brought forward. If that doesn’t help, write to the neurologist, explain what’s happened (copy your GP into the letter) and request an early appointment.

Meanwhile, try (!) not to worry too much.

Hopefully you’ll get the appointment soon and will get the answers you need. Also hopefully, the radiologist was being a bit over cautious and there is in fact nothing to worry about.


Hi Sue,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I got intouch with both my GP and the neurologists secretary today my GP said she will try and chase the results and the secretary said there are no earlier appointments and they don’t get cancellations so just wait. I think I will write an email asking to be seen earlier but I’m not holding my breath.

I am interested if anyone has had a radiologist change the scans independently on the NHS as I didn’t even think they had the authority however I am not complaining as in this case I think they may have saved a lot of time and energy for everyone

I think on this occasion I got lucky. Let’s just hope my luck continues with a early appointment and a good result!

Syd x

Hi Syd,

Let’s use some common sense here.

Have you noticed anything which indicates that there is a problem with your driving?

I would have though that you would be the first to realise if you had difficulty in using a vehicle.



The only problem with your (good sense) suggestion is that once told by a medical professional not to drive, what happens if you then drive and have an accident?

I don’t necessarily think CIS is one of the notifiable things which must be declared to the DVLA, but being told not to drive, albeit without being told why, makes me think that you might have to consider not driving.

It’s an absolute bugger being told that but having a long wait for the neurologist to explain what it’s all about.

I reckon using a combination of see your GP and ask their opinion plus using Anthony’s argument is the best plan for whether or not to drive.

And meanwhile, send an email, ask the neurologist for an earlier appointment and failing that, their advice on whether or not to follow the advice given by the radiologist.


That seems fair enough.


Thank you both unfortunately Sue I know your right about not driving if a medical professional has said no. It voids your insurance. I wish it was down to common sense.

I guess I will be spending my next few weeks chasing appointments and trying to get answers.

How many of us on here know this story haha

I will update when I know

Thanks again

Syd x