Mri results (child)

Hello , my son (3 years old ) had an MRI scan done due to a lump on his spinal cord , he also has pains in his legs , neck and head .

The mri results came back with there were no tumours found , no infections or fractures etc on his spinal cord

but they found at the base of his brain some slight signal change , please could some one explain

what this means , they stated it may not be linked to his symptoms but will pass it on to the

neurological team to review, I got a letter through the post for my son to be seen in clinic

by a neurologist in sept about this , but I’m rattling my brains over what slight signal change at the base of the brain

means , I know we are not professional doctors but would just like to know what I’m facing here

many thanks

Hi Rosiebow

I won’t presume to know what the findings mean, but wanted to send a message of support and a hand to hold while you wait for your little boy’s neuro appointment. September will seem a long time to wait but try to keep calm and carry on as normal in the meantime. Do you have real-life support?

Although you are more than welcome, I do wonder what brought you to the MS Soc forum; you must try not to google as that way madness lies!

sending all best wishes


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No reason I came to the ms page , in all honestly I did google it

the results and many things came up with ms being one of them

so I wanted to try and get some advice on the mri results

without posting on my social media for everyone to see

I couldn’t find anywhere else online to post something to get advice

many thanks

Well there’s lots of knowledgeable people here so I hope you get some others coming along soon.

Was it your GP who arranged for the scan? It may be worth having a chat with her/him to see if they can shed any light on what the results mean, although you will be aware that GP’s are often limited in their knowledge of neurological matters.

Other than that, maybe a consultation with a private neuro? Usually will get an appointment within a couple of weeks and it isn’t too expensive. Worth it to put your mind at ease.

Hope you get some answers soon.

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Originally the gp referred him under an urgent patient

due to a lump on spine ,

he saw one consultant then he saw an orthopaedic

who then has discharged him as his spine is all clear

except the findings of his brain they found

many thanks

hello hun.

I do hope that whatever is going on with your little chap, is soon sorted and all will be well.

Try not to lead yourself down the MS possibility path…try to see what the neuro says.


Can anybody point me in the right direction of where else I could

write this too? As I’m positive my son doesn’t have ms

but I really just wanted advice on the results

When a child is ill, September seems an age away.

But I imagine as he is not being re-called quickly, that the problem isnt urgent…which is good. But as a loving parent, of course you need to know what`s happening.

Maybe look at something on paediatric site…but dont let your mind run away with you.