MRI feedback... timescale?

I know this is probably a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’… but just after some guidance. I had a brain MRI on Tuesday, I couldn’t get out fast enough afterwards, and so didn’t ask about feedback timings… any idea please? I do recall neurologist said he’d write to me afterwards, but don’t think timescale was discussed. Thanks. (I’m in the UK, and was seen as a private referral).

Hi Curly1969, you will probably hear sooner if it was private appt. I had MRI beg aug, results weren’t back two weeks later, neuro was waiting on Radiologists report. Still waiting now so going ring secretary soon see if they are back. Heard can take anything from 2-8 weeks depending on hospital systems and backlog. Hope hear soon Jules

Thanks for replying, wow, that’s a long wait! Hope you get your feedback soon x

Hi My MRI results were about 4 weeks on NHS, letter from neuro with appt to discuss them. Im in North West x

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I had my MRI Saturday just gone on my head, neck and back with and without contrast. I’ve got to go and see my consultant next Tuesday to get the results.

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Thanks for replying, I’m glad you don’t have to wait too long, best wishes to you x

Thank you. I’ll put a thread up when I find out what’s going on.

Hi Curly1969 Hope you get your results soon. I rang consultant sec today, mine from beg aug are in a back log of 4-6 weeks! Can’t be seen again til they’ve been reported on. Bit much when waiting on diagnosis!! Our lovely NHS is creaking… Jules