MRI & blood results query

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MRI results…what do they mean!!?

I recently had a blood tests and a cranial MRI scan with gadolinium and have now received a copy of the results letter that was sent to my GP.
results were as follows and I am not sure what this means!?! Any translation into understandable language would be gratefully received!
-high signal in right parietal occipital region
-high signal in left temporal lobe
-TSH high at 4.9
-vitamin D low at 28
I am waiting for another appointment…but just wanted some info now about what these results indicate etc?
Thanks in advance to any of you who may respond to my post :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies, so far! My vitamin D levels were low at 41 this time last year so I had a course of vitamin D via my GP. But my fatigue has been bad again so there were re tested, and are even lower now!! My GP wasn’t keen on prescribing vitamin D due to side effects on bones, kidneys etc. But I see lots of people are on it, so will see what they say…am at Doctors on Thursday. I also have polycistic ovaries and a pituitary tumour…my pituitary tumour was shrunk with cabergoline drugs, but I’m also wondering if my high TSH could indicate it is growing again!?! Neurologist wants to see me in 6mths. Nice he isn’t in a major rush to see me, so thinking it isn’t too bad, but will see what GP says first. I’ve been on copaxone for 4yrs now, didn’t mention that initially! :slight_smile:

From your initial post, I didn’t realise you were a diagnosed person.

In that case, I guess we don’t have to rack our brains too much about what the high signal areas on MRI were. I would expect most people with a confirmed diagnosis of MS have at least a couple of those, and they are the MS lesions - whether recent or historic.

Kind of unlikely to have none at all, if you definitely have MS, so two doesn’t sound too bad.

Don’t quite understand why you’ve repeated your earlier post content, unless you were unhappy with the answers in some way. You got quite a lot of info there. What more are you still hoping for?


There is an excellent sticky post on the Newly Diagnosed … forum which gives a very thorough layman’s guide to the Brain and MRI

Obviously it is no substitute for a consultation with your consultant but it is a very good place to start.

As you have a few months to wait before your next appointment with the consultant you might also find a chat with your MS Nurse useful. I have always found them quite useful on the techy stuff.

Finally, if you are worried about your Thyroid, don’t wait for the the NHS to join the dots and for your neuro to refer you straight to the relevant consultant for that. Make an appointment with your GP and get him/her to start that particular ball rolling (if it needs to be rolled at all)

Hi, no particular reason for reposting other than adding new info and because posts ‘get lost in others’ I did thank people for their responses too!! I am seeing my GP tomorrow and have contacted my MS nurse too but on leave until early November! Yes, I was diagnosed in 2006 but these lesions are in areas I haven’t had them in before, so I’m guessing newer ones? Thank you again :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will have a read! I have contacted my MS nurse and am seeing GP tomorrow? see what they say :slight_smile: