Could this be MS?

Hello fellow forumers,

i am new to this full forum posting so please bear with me. i am looking for thoughts and opinions on my current mri scan results if possible? I have just recently been referred to Neurology for weakness and numbness down the left side of my body, mostly facial numbness though.

Anyways, so i attended my neurology appointment in October of this year and was informed that it could possibly just be a trapped nerve seeing as im so fit and healthy and haven’t had any issues apart from this numbness thats been on and off for over a year. He requested some bloods and an mri scan just to be sure. When i got my bloods done,the results came back that i had a very low folate level, he advised my GP to prescribe folate acid tablets to bring up my levels.

I had my mri scan around mid October, it went good (or so i thought) however i just recieved a letter through the post yesterday addressed to my GP about my mri scan. (i’ve copied the important and relevant context from the letter to here).

’‘It shows a new focus of T2 weighted signal change involving the genu of corpus callosum radiating away from the ventricular margin. A further focus of T2 weighted signal hyper-intensity affecting the sub-cortical matter in the front inferior lobe is nonspecific and is unchanged from the previous MRI scan.Cervical spine did not reveal any abnormalities. While it is a single new focus of lesion the radiologist did wonder about the possibility of demyelination’'

Do you think this could be signs of MS? I’m quite worried of getting that letter obviously not knowing any of the terminology and such, but would just really like other people’s views and opinions.

Many Thanks

  • MsJediOrder66

Hi, I can’t help but it annoys me they can’t just write it in simple english! May the force be with you :slight_smile:

Hi I think they do it deliberately so that they feel important, and if we did understand them it would frighten us a lot more. Good luck.