MS or not MS? That is the question!

Hi all, Does anyone know of what other problems can cause the exact same problems as MS eg, fatigue, numbness, weakness of limbs, tremors but without any evidence on MRI scans? Thankyou x

I’m afraid there are loads (including MS itself as not everyone with MS has visible lesions on MRI).

Exactly where, when and how symptoms present will help to narrow things down. Non-MRI test results will too. Even the clear MRI will help (it doesn’t rule out MS, but it rules out things like stroke).

If you want to do some on-line investigation, search for “MS differential diagnosis”.

Karen x

Thanks Karen, As far as I was made aware from my GP, all my bloods came back normal, and there were a catalogue which I am guessing including the B12 as I do recall the receptionist saying something about not being anaemic without reference to my haemaglobin. I did have some more tests done at hospital the week before my MRI, I guess I will have to sit tight and wait to see what my neuros next move is going to be. I go back next week. Thanks again!