Could it be ms?

Hello all, I wonder if someone here could enlighten me at all. I have had umpteen tests MRI scans, LP, bloods, you name it I have had it. The neuro is convinced my symptoms are ms but the tests show otherwise. As the last six months have gone by my symptoms are getting worse. Every episode of a new attack leaves me with new ongoing problems. My walking is very bad and my balance is rubbish. Does anyone on here know of instances where all tests for everything can come back negative but ms can actually show up eventually on scans?

Hi,i am not dx with MS. Mt neuro said initially i don’t have MS, I havesince been diagnosed with Hemiplegic Aura. i had MRI wich showed some bright spots (lesions) on various parts of my brain but non on my spine and an EMG which has confirmed weakness and nerve damage in my left leg… i have not had a LP yet but have had some blood tests which are showing positive for some type of auto immune disease but as yet i don’t what, i am seeing neuro again this week. from other posts i have seen on here it looks as though it does happen that people have test results that are all cleae but do eventually go on to be diagnosed with MS. but there are very many conditions that have similar symptoms to MS, this is why it is so hard to diagnose properly and can take so long to get a definitive diagnosis. It seems that many neuros won’t even entertain the idea of MS, however strong the symptoms, until all of the tests are positive. However some seem more comfortable with saying they think it is/could be MS without a full set of positive tests. Its very frustrating coping with symptoms when you don’t know what is causing them. Has your neuro suggested a futher scan in 6 to 12 months? x

He is reviewing me, but at my last appointment did not say when that would be, unfortunately. Will just have to wait for the letter to arrive at my gp surgery I guess…very frustrating!