Subcortical white matter hyper-intensities??

Hello, my brain MRI came back showing subcortical white matter hyper-intensities. Anyone having these? What symptoms are you experiencing? Have you been diagnosed with MS later? I feel lost and really unwell. Having symptoms every single day…


I’m afraid I don’t know - but have you tried reading the ‘sticky’ post at the top of the forum called ‘A beginner’s guide to the brain’ (or similar)? Might have some helpful info

PG xx

Hi PG, yes read the sticky but could not find much information about it. Also started searching on google but now too unwell to continue…xx

You should have a follow-up appointment with the doctor who ordered the MRI, and he should explain to you in plain English what your MRI showed, whether that explains your symptoms, what the implications are etc. If you don’t understand what the doctor says, ask him to explain again and again until you do understand.

It may be helpful to take someone with you to sit in on the consultation and listen. My husband comes with me to my appointments and when we talk things over afterwards, we each pick up on different things so together we put together a better picture of what was actually said!

And I’d stay away from Dr Google - he’s the biggest quack ever!

Follow-up appointment is months from now, can’t wait that long. I only know the results from his secretary then later received the letter too that he wrote to my GP and me. Problem is he says that this scan proves that I do not have MS and goes on possibly blaming my thyroid. As he saw in earlier blood reports that my TSH and T4 values are very low. Yes they are but that is normal for me as I take T3 hormone only to treat my hypothyriodism. I told him i was on T3 so I do not understand why he’s surprised at my low TSH and T4. Also I’ve been on T3 for years but my problems started a lot later. The point is that this MRI does not exclude the possibly of MS. I need to have spine MRI too which I have asked for already so waiting for reply as now he’s away.

Also I do not understand why he says that my symptoms do not have CNS origin when actually lots of other diseases can mimic MS. I am not saying I have MS, I only want further proper investigation into my problem as it’s not my thyroid

My first neuro took 6 months to see me to give me the results of the MRI of my brain he’d ordered. Then he diagnosed Clinically Isolated Syndrome and said he would see me in a year’s time. He is not my neuro any more.

While I was waiting and chasing the neuro’s secretary, he wrote to my GP a one sentence letter that made no sense to my GP! Helpful or what?!

6 months…that’s loooong!

I’d prefer not using google to find info about what MRI results could mean but just can’t sit and wait cause feeling worse. Anyways, I found that these hyperintensities are not really normal for my age and lifestyle (I’m active, well used to be not long ago, and eat very healthy) Also 5% of MS patients do not have brain lesions at all only on spine. So i’m thinking how can this neuro write a letter to my GP saying my symptoms do not have a CNS origin and MS is excluded…now not only I have to persuade the neuro to order a spine MRI but also have to convince the GP that my symptoms are real and not thyroid related. I don’t want another investigation on thyroid as it’s been already ruled out.