MRIs... The quest for an answer.

Hello, I received today all my MRIs results (brain, cervical, and the rest of the column), and they don’t show anything abnormal. I also had two different types of sensomatory evoked potential tests a month ago, and both came back negative. I have had for the last couple of months a history of sensory symptoms around my body, as well as sporadic little weakness in my right leg. All my blood works are fine, except for vitamin D, which was really low recently. All of these symptoms are pretty much gone now, and rarely come back on some days… I was wondering if all these tests are enough for me to start looking somewhere else that MS? I read online (on forums and many scholar/medical articles) that it is really unlikely to have MS with no abnormality in any of these tests… Like less than 5% or so… I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this :slight_smile:


Blue Marble

I can’t tell you definitively, but I think it would be rare to have MS after all the tests have been negative.

I have a feeling that a deficiency of vitamin D can manifest like MS. So it’s possible that once your vitamin D is normalised, you won’t have any more MS type symptoms.

But if you have normal vitamin levels, and you get a resumption of the MS type symptoms which sent you to the neurologist in the first place, I’d suggest that you get it checked out again. Maybe there’s another problem which looks like MS?

Meanwhile, if your symptoms are generally improving, then, enjoy living life as a healthy person!!

(Obviously this is a non medical view, not in any way to be relied on!)


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Thank you Sue for your answer. Well, my vitamin D levels have recently increased quite well in comparison to their initial levels, even though I am still probably a bit deficient; I’ll keep an eye on how those two (i.e. Vitamin D and symptoms) correlate… In the meanwhile, I am indeed going to try to enjoy life as much as I can, as it has been 4-5 really stressful months to be in limbo lands… :frowning: Thanks Sue for the help you provide to everyone on this forum, and thanks to others as well who have been really helpful with myself and others, it is amazing to have people with who to share ideas on rather stressful topics. Wishing everyone a good day!

Blue Marble