Newbie in limbo land

Hi just introducing myself as new to the Boards today Ive been under various investigations for 2 years now for multiple symptoms and the latest assumptuons is a “progressive neurologival disease- probably MS” and Im waiting for an MRI now Im glad to see pre diagnosis people are welcome as its been a scary time not really knowing whats going on and Ive had lots of symptoms that have taken me down false paths like dizziness and fainting (thought initially to be cardio issue but now ruled out), balance issues, pins amd needles, numbness, forgettimg sentence mid way through, word blindness, fatigue, and sometimes blurry vision, fecal incontinence and horrible chest/rib pain like Im being squeezed. There seems to be a long wait in my area for urgent MRIs so doc has started me on gebapentin which has helped with some of the symptoms but makes me stutter a bit and even more tired. I seem to have a couple of vitamin deficiencies too which Im not sure if they are causing some of the symptoms or its all related to whatever this is - possibly ms. Do others here also have d and or b12 deficency? Whether ms or not many symptoms the same so I hope to join you in board discussions if thats ok Right now Im dreading the heatwave Min

hi min

it’s a horrible time in limbo.

takes the sting out of diagnosis though.

my first response was thank god for that.

15 minutes is enough to get sufficient Vit D.

after that stay in the shade.

plenty of fluids (i need to remember that cider and gin doesn’t count).

carole x

Thanks Carole This is the first year Ive had anything resembling a tan getting my vit d Shame gin and cider doesnt count. Just the tonic it is then!

Hello Min

It could of course be that your vitamin deficiency has led to your symptoms which are now being investigated. Sometimes simple deficiencies of vitamins D and/or B12 can lead to symptoms which resemble MS. I hope so anyway.

Meanwhile, having tests to rule MS in or out is a good thing.

Sometimes people feel relieved just to get a concrete diagnosis of MS, because then you can start a disease modifying drug and get access to an MS nurse and other services that will help. If your diagnosis does turn out to be MS, then I hope you’ll manage to see a silver lining.

And in the meantime, feel absolutely free to ask for help, advice, support, or just a sounding board for people who understand to complain to. We do understand, and we do get what he’ll you are currently living through.

I hope you get answers very soon. And in the meantime, talk to us about how you feel.


Thanks Sue As you say hopefully it can be just vitamin related but grateful for the welcome in the meantime. It does feel lonely at times Min x