MRI all done

Hello all, Not long been back from having an MRI, it was a thorough one as they scanned my brain and spine. I kept my eyes closed most of the time and tried to keep calm as I was a bit nervous. A really nice thing happened whilst in there, they had Radio 2 playing and they played our wedding song! It really felt like my husband was there with me especially as it is a month tomorrow that we got married. I also kept seeing all of your profile pictures; I kept seeing Karens ballerina, Auntiemogs bagpuss, PatBs tree, debc’s hummingbird to name a few. I kept trying to see Poll’s but it just wouldn’t appear!! I wanted to say thank you all for being here. It kept me focused and calm tonight. Whatever happens, I am I grateful and thankful you are all here. My follow up appointment is on 18th February next year, so I have found a nice Tigger rug to make to keep my mind occupied until then in between normal life stuff! Sam xx

Glad it went well and that we could help in a small way at least :slight_smile:

Here are a few things to bring that ballerina to life for you. Her name is Marianela Nunez. She’s a principal dancer at the Royal Ballet and absolutely AMAZING!

Playing a temple dancer in La Bayadere (fast forward to about 1 min 5 secs to get past the boring bit):

Playing the good swan in Swan Lake (a slow solo):

Playing the bad swan in Swan Lake (dancing with her husband - the famous pirouette part is about 3 mins 15 seconds):

She makes it all look so easy, which it is NOT!

Karen x

Thank you for these Karen, absolutely wonderful. I loved ballet when I was younger but I struggled to progress. Dancing is one activity that made me truly happy. Sam xx

I can feel a new thread coming on… “one activity that makes me truly happy” Let’s focus our well-being on some positives. Catherine xx

Hi Sam - so sorry I missed this post on Friday

I’m glad your scan is done, sounds like you had an entertaining time in there! I’ve got my repeat scans tomorrow - wonder what treats I’ll get whilst in there? February sounds a long wait for the results, think I’m slowly learning what a long drawn out process anything medical is.

I’m thrilled you mention my hummingbird - I took that picture in Santa Barbara on a 3 week drive around California/Arizona with my daughter Sarah a few years ago - we had a converted Chevi with a bed instead of seats in the back. The whole trip was awesome and this picture reminds me of it everyday.

I’m glad to know about the ballerina too Karen. Had wondered if it was you in your former glory.

I’m now noticing all my paragraphs start with ‘I’m’ oops


That is one amazing photo.

The Royal Ballet sometimes do performances that are shown live in cinemas around the country. We don’t have to be able to do it to be able to enjoy it (thankfully!) :slight_smile:*?distance%5Bcountry%5D=uk&distance%5Bpostal_code%5D=eg%2C+BS3+1ED&distance%5Bsearch_distance%5D=25&distance%5Bsearch_units%5D=mile&pn-ns-go

I’ve just had a look and the next one is The Nutcracker on 13th December: Roberta Marquez and Steven McRae dancing. Steven McRae is my favourite male ballet dancer; his technique is to die for - such a shame he isn’t tall enough to partner Marianela :frowning: Roberta is excellent though so you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

Karen x