Motability Car Tax

Hi All,

The Tax on my Motability car falls due at the end of the month. I read on the website that a new one will magically appear on my doorstep before the old one runs out.

Well, back to reality! The public Sector is not renowned for its speed and efficiency so I can’t help starting to feel sceptical even at this early stage. I would expect to see the new one roughly by the middle of the month.

Can anyone share their experience of this process? How efficient is it? At what stage should I chase to prevent the risk of not having a valid tax disk?

Look forward to the replies :slight_smile:

I’m in my 6th year of Motability and the discs do indeed magically apear on your doorstep- don’t fret.

Never had a problem, it’s never been late. Don’t worry, it will arrive.

Keep calm and carry on.

Before they take that away too?

Thanks everyone, I won’t bug the motability call centre in that case :slight_smile:

Surely even this spiteful Government would not take our Motability cars away? Er, what’s that you say?

Could any government voted for by the people be that heartless. Oh wait…


Could any government voted for by the people be that heartless. Oh wait…

[/quote] Oh yes they could

I was quite pleased when I found out that I get free road tax on my standard car which my mum brought me will the same thing happen when my tax is due next year or will I have to go and get a new tax disc like I did this year?

Wait till dla is changed to pip and then see what happens! Motability depends on a person vetting dla doesn’t it ?

No, you have to renew your tax disc in the normal way. Your log book (as it used to be called) should show that the car is classed as “disabled” and you don’t have to pay. I always renewed mine on line it was easy.

Thanks Wendel, that is was I thought I try to see the benefits of having a disability, I get DLA , more jobseekers, a blue badge, free parking and free road tax cant be that bad and as I always say ‘it could be worse’

When the renewal form arrives it will state ‘disabled’ and no charge. You can renew online or over the phone with this.

So don’t worry