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Apologies if this has been asked a million times. I’ve been awarded high rate care and high mobility from DLA. How does this work with getting a car? Do I have to give Arnold Clark for example both parts of this each month or is it just one part?

Do I get to choose an automatic etc?

Sorry, I just don’t know where to begin!



I’m just going through the process myself and I agree there’s a lot to get your head around. All the info can be found on the website below

But in a nutshell:

You exchange your high rate mobility for a car - you keep the care part. Once you’ve got your car it is all sorted out and you don’t see that part of the money again - it goes directly to pay for the car.

Most leases seem to be for 3 years - at the end of that time you order a new car and give the old one back.

There are various makes and models available in petrol/diesel/automatic versions - you just need to choose what would be suitable for you (and choose the colour of course) All the models are detailed on the website but most garages have a motability expert who knows all the finer details.

Some cars need an advanced payment (presumably as they’re a little more expensive than the others) There are plenty that don’t require any extra payment apart from your DLA.

You just need to take your DLA proof and driving licence to your chosen garage and they will sort it all out.

As far as adaptations go, if you think you may need them Motability will refer you to the assessment centre where they will see what is best for you. I’m going to Newcastle on Friday, it’s 50 miles away but I thought it would be agood idea. If I’d self -referred it would have cost me £25.

I think that covers most things but the website link explains things in detail


Sarah x


DAon’t forget you also get free Road Tax; you mobility car agent will sort it.


Yup, Sarah explains it really clearly, only thing I wo uld say is that I never went for an assessment. I got hand controls fitted but just dro be away from the garage. That was several years ago so maybe changed now. Good luck. Cheryl:)

Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it!! I’ll go at the weekend and try speak to someone. The thought of getting insurance and servicing included makes it sound quite appealing doesn’t it?

Thanks again!


I have a car through Motability - I just got my new one on Fri - it’s a wonderful scheme, all you pay for is fuel once you have the car, tyres/windscreen/wiper blades/etc are all replaced for you. I also need an automatic, my days of working a clutch are past now, but I did find that not many dealers had an auto that I could test drive which was more than a little annoying. Do check what their arrangements are for when your car is in for it’s servicing - do they have an auto courtesy car, or is it a pick up/drop off arrangement? Depending how much you need your car day to day, this can be quite a relevant query.

Good luck - the Motability webside is a really good one, and will answer any questions you have.

L x

what if I scratched the car etc in the 3 years I have it. Do I have to pay for the repairs before I return it?