Changing my car - how do I change the tax over!

I am sure this is easy but I’m a bit unsure.

My husband and I have two cars. One has been in the garage for years because it was mine and I lost my license so we put it in the garage. It’s been there seven years.

The car we actually use has just failed it’s MOT and is classed as a disability vehicle for tax purposes. We taxed it at the beginning of September but we now need to get rid of it and get the other car out of mothballs and tax and insure that one.

It must be a simple process but in the leaflet I got with the tax exemption certificate it doesn’t tell you how to transfer the tax to another car.

Can anyone tell me how to do it please?

Thank you xx

First get the mothballed car MOTed and insured. Then apply for tax exemption as if it was the first time. As far as I know, there’s no easy way to transfer disabled status to a different vehicle.

Thank you. You know what I’m going to ask don’t you!

You can’t apply twice for two vehicles. So do we take the log book, Insurance and MOT for the mothballed car to the post office along with the log book for the old one and get them to do it?

You need proof of entitlement to tax exemption, which you get from the DWP. You will also need some way to prove that you’re not using the other vehicle any more. If you’ve sold it before you tax the second car then that should be sufficient, otherwise you’ll need something like SORN for it. Information on MOT and insurance is held online, so you just need the log book for the second car (or whatever the modern equivalent is). There may be a form to fill inn to tax the second car. Check with the DVLA website.

I visited a DVLA office not too far away. Taking all paperwork incl. hubby’s car Insurance, V5 etc & the letter of entitlement addressed to me, the lady at DVLA helped me with all the new forms. The tax disc from my car was removed & returned to DVLA when I sold my car. Not long after our visit, they sent a brand new 12 month tax disc to me with my husband as the car owner named in the new documents. The V5 log book had to be amended by DVLA showing “Disability Class”. It took time but nowadays it might all be done from your home via computer. DVLA will have the details of your car & see it as SORN. They’ll amend the V5 and it should all run smoothly. Good luck, Chrissie x

after 7 years in a garage is it still drivable?

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